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Last Updated March 19, 2006

Here's what WestWind spouses have to say about their virtual airmen's habit... er... hobby...

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WWAL Widow's Name: Wife of Stacy Clark (of PhD/PROPELLERhead fame)
My Airman's Name: Stacy Clark

Here's something I picked up on the Internet. I didn't write it but I think you will all appreciate it:


I'm posting this message in your news group as I know this is the only way to get it to you since flight simulation entered our lives two years ago.

The children are doing well. Our son is seven now and is a bright and handsome boy. He has developed quite a flair for art. He drew a family portrait for a school project. All the figures were good, but yours was excellent. The computer, the model airplane, the chair, and the back of your head are rendered with stunning detail and accuracy. You would be very proud of him.

As you'll recall our precious little girl turned three in September. She still remembers that you spent the whole day with her on her birthday. What quality time it was for her when you allowed her to watch you re-enact Amelia Earhart's last flight! She was sorry that she crashed before your plane did, but she was *so* sleepy. Poor thing. When she asked how come Daddy's TV only had a gray picture, I told her you were staring at fog. Was I right?

I am also doing well. I went blonde about a year ago and was delighted to find out that blondes really do have more fun. Lars, I mean Mr. Swenson, the department head, has taken an interest in my career and has become a good friend to all of us.

The house is in good shape. I had the living room painted last Spring. I'm not sure if you noticed it. I made sure the painters cut air holes in the drop cloths so you wouldn't be disturbed. They were very apologetic about splattering your charts.

I've discovered that the household chores are much easier since you allow me to vacuum around you instead of using the feather duster that makes you sneeze and also streaks your goggles.

I will be at the ski lodge this weekend with Lars and the kids. But don't worry, darling, we have separate bedrooms, and he is well aware that I am married. I will try to call you, but if the line is busy, then I'll know that you are connected by modem with your flight instructor who is demonstrating advanced maneuvers. (I still can't believe he's only thirteen! His parents must be as proud of him as I am of you.) The housekeeper has been instructed to keep your coffee cup filled and to give you a fresh straw every three hours. Just let her know when you're getting hungry and she'll give you some frozen pizza to suck on.

Good luck circumnavigating the world via the poles! Should be a fun weekend!

See you Sunday night! Fondly,
Your Wife

Editor's Comment: Youch!! This one really hurts. Hits too close to home.

Jim Allen, of our Denver Hub, also commented: You all don't think we notice when the little things happen in our lives. We do, however, know when lightning strikes a transformer and causes a power-outage. So what if I financed a new generator? The whole family will benefit!! (not just me, right?) FS widows don't think there are any clear advantages to our "addiction". But I always say if my son can just get the back of my head right, and the computer in proportion, he will be a GREAT artist someday! My daughter can think of nowhere she would rather fall asleep than my lap while I'm flying. (I'm sure of it.....positive....that's the truth....are you convinced yet?) The one thing I don't understand is.... Every time I crash (due to mechanical defect, of course) my wife laughs like she's possessed. But when I ask her to try and see if she can do better.... She won't even consider it... Is it because you guys are afraid of getting the "bug"? Or... Is it because yer just plain yella? Anyway... This area of the WWAL site serves a purpose and I'm glad it's here for you all. It also provides many laughs for us when our planes are in for annual inspections!

WWAL Widow's Name: Ryan
My WWAL Airman's Name: N/A


I have been a (real) pilot for 8 years. I love to fly more than anything else I could think of. Unless, you ask me about Christine. Our relationship is the center of my life year after year. To any man who spends the amount of time these women are talking about I say, hug your wife, how'd her day go? Did you ask? Your WWAL plane will be there anytime you want. I personally fly for my VA when I am alone and she is at work. And I still end up spending a lot of hours on that thing.

Being a pilot, I have spent time in many a crew management class learning how to work with my flight crew. I think this site could be a warning to WWAL. You may want to add crew resource classes to your training center..=]

No one knows better then me, the satisfaction of ILS approach coming together picture perfect. Or the feeling from blasting through a cloud deck into clear blue sky at 2500 FPM! But personally, Christine's day is as fun to listen to as greasing a 300,000 pound 767 on the runway. I am not a great public speaker, but I hope I've made my point.

Editor's Comment: You big schmoozing brown nose you! Guys like you get guys like us in far too much trouble with our wives. You are going to blow it for all of us man!! ;-) Actually, some good advice here bud. Take note airmen.

WWAL Widow's Name: Liz Skorski
My WWAL Airman's Name:
Mark Skorski

Here's what I have to say: There once was a husband I knew, With every spare moment he flew. A charter flight here and a passenger flight there, Before I knew better he'd flown everywhere. Up in the air, down on the ground, Why oh why is he never around? Even though I don't see him I know where he is, In charge of that plane that he thinks is his.

WWAL Widow's Name: Sharon
My WWAL Airman's Name:
Not worth even mentioning

Here's what I have to say: I divorced the worthless bum. I mean, here was a guy with talent and a future and I end up staring at an unshaven wreck playing his flight sim 'game' day in and day out. I didn't marry him for this! These people are out of touch with reality. PERIOD! He could of worked all those hours and earned a real license rather then sitting in front of a computer all day. Those are real credentials! Kick his butt out and see how far all his flight sim hours get him in the real world.

Editors Comment: We don't know who Sharon is but I think it might be possible that she's a real-world flight instructor. Get that feeling all? I wish my wife would threaten to divorce me if I didn't transition to real world flying! We all should be so fortunate!! Think I'm gonna stop shaving...

WWAL Widow's Name: Liz Skorski
My WWAL Airman's Name: Mark "Flyer" Skorski

Here's what I have to say: Why oh why do men love toys?? I used to go and do things with my better half but now he's grounded (so to speak) in our spare bedroom for hours on end. There are positive and negative sides to this virtual pilot thing. I know where he is 99% of the time and thankfully he is in no immediate danger of real death. Of course there is the possibility that I just may lose it one day and knock him off myself. Luckily the virtual pilot hobby is cheaper than real flying and in case of an accident (falling of the computer chair with excitement), he is covered under our life insurance policy. When my virtual pilot tells me about his planes, take-offs and landings, there is such a gleem of boyish charm and excitement. Even though most of the technical stuff goes over my head, I just smile and preserve my sanity by thinking "He's just a man with a toy".

What my airman should be doing (instead of flying): Fixing the bathroom fan (broken for 8 months).

WWAL Widow's Name: Jeannine Rehling
My WWAL Airman's Name:
Mike Rehling

Here's what I have to say: Boy it is nice to see that I am not the only person frustrated with the time my husband spends flying. Not bad enough he works with planes for a living, the time he spends at work. But for him to come home and be a virtual pilot, leaves minimal time for me. I dread for the day my son picks up this skill. I already have to fight for the computer between my husband and son as it is. I pity the person who comes to visit my dirty house. Some days I wonder if this was such a good investment. My only relief is that he changes shifts, so then I only fight with my son for the computer.

What my airman should be doing (instead of flying): Take down my Christmas lights on the outside of the house. I am sure there are other things to be done. But like they say better for him to be home then out drinking.

WWAL Widow's Name: Carolyn Steiner
My WWAL Airman's Name: Scott

Here's what I have to say: I went on vacation last summer and left my husband at home. Little did I know that I would come back a virtual widow. I've tried everything to get him off his simulator. Nothing works. Not even seduction. I did not even know until now that he was flying for WestWind Airlines. Nor did I care. I just knew I lost my husband to maps and his flight simulator.

What my airman should be doing (instead of flying): Getting reacquainted with me.

WWAL Widow's Name: Ann Popma
My WWAL Airman's Name: Gene Popma

Here's what I have to say: Happy New Year!

"1998 will the year of travel" said Gene. After making reservations and plans to see what is on the other side of the mountain (hill in the Midwest) I realized Gene was talking about Virtual travel. I will hold out. WE WILL GO FORTH.

However, on the positive side, there is no worry about accidents, insurance claims, etc. as there might be for the "Popma Airline" (one open cockpit biplane and a 2 seater Luscombe). Today I said, "Good morning" to TO THE COMPUTER thinking that was where my Gene appears to me every morning (afternoon, evening). Oh well, at least we know where our husbands are.

What my airman should be doing (instead of flying): I can think of a lot of things he MIGHT be doing instead. He is doing what he loves to do. He isn't from this world, you know. His heart and mind are in the air and has been all his life. I used to worry about what he would do if he ever lost his medical. Now I wonder if he will just disappear into the Virtual World and keep on flying.

WWAL Widow's Name: Annelies Heikens
My WWAL Airman's Name: Bert Heikens

Here's what I have to say: Dear "fellow-widows", Before getting addicted to Flight Simulator the biggest hobbies of my husband used to be:

1. His wife;
2. Trains (model rail track)

Ever since he has become an addict, both felt more or less neglected. I used to be one of the main reasons for a plane crash. Now, after about 6 months, he has become more sensible and the rail track is more in the picture again. But there's still me....... Does anyone know addresses or phone number of "FS Anonymous" (no, not the Alcoholics Anonymous) in the Netherlands?

What my airman should be doing (instead of flying): 1. Be a romantic and thoughtful husband; 2. Play with trains (What's the difference? Trains are far more expensive, but more people can enjoy the result and when I phone my husband while he's working on his rail track I won't get the blame "Oh, it's only you, well now I have crashed !)


WWAL Widow's Name: Ingebjorg Roksund
My WWAL Airman's Name:
Lars Roksund

Here's what I have to say: The description of WestWind- pilots fits to my husband perfectly!!!!! He is now growing into the computer, it is worse than ever before. He is telling me all the fantastic things he is doing and I try to be very!!!!! happy about it.

I have strong empathy with all you other spouses of WestWind pilots.

WWAL Widow's Name: Wendy Stevens
My WWAL Airman's Name: Mike Stevens

Here's what I have to say: I'm pleased to be the first WWW to post to this page. Great idea. Mike has been a WW pilot for only a short time but he has been virtual flying for quite a while. Seems like a slow process though. He still crashes several planes a day and goodness knows how many virtual lives he loses. I get a bit frustrated with the hours he spends on this thing. I have my own computer interests and it's virtually impossible for me to pursue them. All I can hope is he either buys me another computer or gets grounded by the virtual aviation authorities after they have investigated his virtual crashes.

Thanks for giving us virtual wives the opportunity to have a say. I hope we can share some experiences and, who knows, we may even make some friends over time.

What my airman should be doing (instead of flying): Building extensions onto my house !!!!

Regards to all,
Wendy Stevens
South Australia

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