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Last Updated March 11, 2006

A Note From The Tower...

One of our primary goals at WestWind Airlines is to make our airmen's virtual flying experiences as realistic as humanly possible. By doing so, we hope to foster a greater respect for, and understanding of, real-world aviation. To go a step farther, we also would like to encourage all our virtual airmen to consider learning how to fly in the non-virtual (as in real) world.

Real-world flying is one of the most exciting things you'll ever experience!

WestWind Management proudly supports the tireless efforts of quality publications like Flight Training Magazine and organizations like the AOPA and EAA in the promotion of general aviation.

In addition, WestWind Airlines is now the first virtual airline to extend full support of GA Team 2000's "Stop Dreaming-Start Flying/Be A Pilot" campaign. Click here for information on how you can receive an Introductory Flight (in the non-virtual world) for only $35!!!

Good Flying Airmen!

This page is a launch pad to real-world aviation information & points of interest. It is in its formative stages so please bear with us as we develop it. Remember, O'Hare Airport wasn't built in a day!

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Flight Flap - WWAL's finest airmen share their real-world flying adventures Photo Album - real world pix of WWAL airmen and their rides
Connections - links to real world aviation-related web sites of interest beyond the WWAL-sphere "Be A Pilot" Club WWAL airmen who took advantage of the "Be A Pilot" Introductory Flight
$35 Introductory Flight! - info on the "Be-A-Pilot" program by GA Team 2000. NEW - Check it out!!! Future Link


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