WestWind's Trophy Case

In its first year of existence, WestWind received mention in all three Flight Sim Publications…

WestWind was also mentioned in one real world flying magazine and one real world flying newsletter…

In addition, here are additional prestigious awards bestowed upon WestWind…

VADU Bestows Two Awards Upon WestWind…

Featured Airline Of The Week (Late April '98)

The good folks at VADU wrote…

"Superlatives don't do WestWind Airlines true justice. Where to begin? Their web site has had over 4 million hits this past year. They operate nearly 2 dozen hubs (in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia). They support over 500 pilots. They fly over 2 dozen aircraft types ranging from Piper Cubs to the Boeing 777-200. Their home page may be a bit unwieldy at first, but theirs is a solid, well organized airline offering a supreme value to the pilot who wants to enjoy the hobby, from the casual pilot to the dedicated simmer. A major airline, but not an unwieldy airline, they offer a wonderful combination of activities (fly-ins, contests or something is always going on), diversity (a variety of passenger, cargo and charter flights), technical excellence (superior aircraft flight models) and humor (they have a "widows club" for their pilots' wives and girlfriends!). Add in a policy of logical growth in operations, roster and route structure, and WestWind does everything so well! An obvious choice, we're very honored to make them the first airline ever to win both the VADU Featured Aircraft of the Week Award (1 Mar 1998), and now the latest winner of the VADU Featured Airline Award. Congratulations, gentlemen! Fantastic work."

Featured Aircraft of the Week (March 1, 1998)

WestWind's Boeing 777-200 was dubbed VADU's "Aircraft of the Week" on March 1, 1998. VADU looks for aircraft that exemplify excellence in both appearance and flight characteristics. WWAL's 777-200 made the grade. Thanks VADU!!

GA Team 2000 Recognizes WestWind…

The February '98 issue of GA Team 2000 News mailed recently and WestWind Airlines was prominently featured on its cover -- complete with a web site screen shot. In an article entitled "A Web of Support," recognition was given to WestWind's continuing support of GA Team 2000's campaign to increase non-virtual student pilot starts. Specifically mentioned, was WestWind's "Be A Pilot" True Blue Club which lists the names of WestWind virtual pilots who took advantage of GA Team 2000's $35 introductory flight and details their impressions of the experience.

The article said...

"One such enthusiastic on-line supporter [of the GA Team 2000 Campaign] is WestWind Airlines (www.flywestwind.com). You've heard of fantasy baseball? This is the aviation equivalent. WestWind pilots fly virtual aircraft and even develop and manage their own virtual airlines. These folks are Flight Simulator whizzes, trading stick and rudder software secrets and testing the latest plug-in scenery and aircraft. Most of WestWind's subscribers are non-pilots who simply enjoy electronic aviation. But thanks to WestWind's enthusiastic promotion of GA Team 2000 through the hard work of Sean Reilly and its on-line "Be A Pilot" True Blue Club, several have taken $35 introductory flights, and at least two have soloed and are pursuing their Private Pilot certificates."

For additional information, click here to warp to the Press Room and to read the complete press release.

Virtual Airlines Homepage presents WWAL with "Select Site Award"…

Congratulations, your web site has been given a Select Site award from the Virtual Airline Homepage. Our Select Sites represent the finest web sites on the Internet, and yours is one of them. Your site has been listed in our Select Links section at the Virtual Airline Homepage.

Virtual Pilot Magazine awards WWAL with "VA of the Month Award"…

Congratulations to WestWind airlines on their 1 million hits. This is a huge amount of hits for a Virtual Airline. WestWind is one of the world's largest VA's and it has hubs in many locations. A good thing about this airline is its fleet diversity, it has a large fleet of aircraft painted in their colours which is sure to please any Virtual Pilot.

WestWind Collects "Best of The Net Award"…

Computer Simulation Games & The Mining Company is honored to present WestWind Virtual Airlines with our "Best Of The Net Award". An award that is given to the most outstanding Web sites that offer valuable information, excellent entertainment, and interesting services for Computer Simulation Game Fans. WestWind Virtual Airlines is truly "The Best Of The Net".

WestWind Receives 5-Star VATM Award…

Steve Smith, president of VATM, just informed us that WestWind was voted "Virtual Airline of The Month" (for June'97). The award is actually the result of votes cast by the virtual airline community. WestWind edged out Orange Air and Coastal Airlines in the balloting for June. Thanks Steve and thanks VA voters... We're honored!

The Aviation Home Page Honors WestWind With "Select Site" Status…

Here's one that almost escaped the watchful eye of our Marketing Department… better late than never!

Back in October '96, Alexander Markham wrote a review of WestWind Airlines for the Aviation Home Page. He honored our web site with "Select Site" status. For the record guys... they consider content and presentation and then provide an "Overall" rating.

On a scale of 0-50, WWAL received 45 big ones!

Thanks Alexander and thanks Aviation Home Page!

WWAL Makes Computer Pilot's "Best of The Best" List…

Honor of honors! In the April/May 1997 issue , George Watson listed WestWind Airlines in its On-Line Flight Sim Resources "that everyone should know about" Section. WestWind Airlines and Noble Air were credited as being the "Best of the Best" in Virtual Airlines!

Said George Watson...

"My personal favourites are WestWind Airlines because they promote their airline like a real one and they have such a complete site…"

Thanks George & Thanks Computer Pilot !!!

Kudos from WestWind's Pilots and Web Site Visitors…

Click here to read comments from WestWind's web site visitors and "regulars."

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