WestWind Forum - Rules

Username Guidelines:
Usernames must include either your Real Name or WestWind Pilot ID (Ex. WWA****) You will be asked to submit a new username if you fail to include one of these elements

Posting Guidelines:
The forum is setup to include numerous catagories, when making a new post please consider under which catagory your post is best suited for so other pilots can more easily navigate to find information they are looking for.

If you are using the forum to contact your Hub Management team please use the appropriate Hub Forum or if you know your Managers Username you can use the Private Message feature (refered to as: PM) This is available in your user control panel.

Remember that the forum is a place to share constructive thoughs, ideas, and sometimes frustrations. We ask that you please keep your comments civil and remember that all members of managment are volunteers. We ask that you refrain from using profanity and seeking to defame others in any way.

Members of the Executive Committee act as Forum Moderaters, and reserve the right to move, lock, or delete a post or thread at their discrection. If you have a personal problem with someone please use the private messages so it doesn't become a public scene or contact management via private message.

This is not a business, it is meant to be a fun hobby, please always consider the feelings and opinions of others and use your best judgement when makeing or responding to posts.

We recommend that once you register, you look over your user settings carefully, for instance, email visibility is on by default, if you do not want your email address available you must turn this feature off in your user account settings.


If you have any questions or concerns please contact management in the forum. If you have a technical problem please contact:
Mike Bergman - EVP Information Technology at: blue_747@yahoo.com

Thank You

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