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Guide to setting up FSINN and FSCopilot

Last post 05-24-2010, 7:23 AM by Eoin Coates. 0 replies.
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  •  05-24-2010, 7:23 AM 38768

    Guide to setting up FSINN and FSCopilot

    This is a guide to setting up the FSINN VATSIM Client in FSX and FS9.

    First of all you will need to download both FSCopilot and FSINN which can be found here:


    *WARNING* If you are using FSX, Windows 7 or Vista, you must download the 1.7 version of Copilot and the 1.3 version of FSINN.


    Firstly you will need to install FSCopilot. Copilot provides a number of features such as GPWS, Pushback and of course is the platform on which FSINN runs off. 

    When installing FSCopilot it is not necessary to install it in your FS folder. Instead you must install it into a standalone folder. e.g. C:\Program Files\FSFDT. This should be the default route.

    Once FSCopilot is installed you must now install FSINN.

    Unlike FSINN the destination for the installer is your FS Route Folder. e.g. C:\Program FIles\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9.


    Open up the FSX Menu bar and go to the Add-On tab. Now click on Inn Control Panel. As below.

    Open up the Menu Bar and go to the Copilot tab. Now click the Inn Control Panel as below.

    FS9 and FSX

    Part 1

    Once you open the Inn Control Panel, this box should appear: 

    The length of time varies from person to person and is dependent on the size of the aircraft library. FSINN does this every time a new aircraft is added to the library. This is so it can use aircraft in FS for other VATSIM traffic. What aircraft is used for other traffic, can be set manually but this will be discussed later.

    Once this has finished, the Control Panel should appear. 

    On the left is the different networks available. We will be using VATSIM, but do not connect yet as it will not work. 

    The next step is to hit the SET button. This brings up the Setup page.

    Go to the General Section, and then General again.

    Now fill in some basic information, like name and Callsign. Put your name and homebase in the User Info box, in the format: 
    Joe Bloggs - XXXX 

    Next go to the Options section in General.

    On this you will be given a series of options and check boxes as seen below. Choose what you would like to add or remove. 

    The next step is to go the Networks Section. On this click VATSIM.

    Here you type in your ID and password. Now click the Load servers button beside the drop-down menu. A list of servers should now be available in the drop-down menu. Commonly this does not work, so I recommend you go to the following website and type the IP in manually.http://faq.apollo3.com/ljames/fsinn/vat ... servers.pl

    This is the first section of the setup complete. 

    Part 2

    Our next job is to configure voice. This can be done by clicking the symbol on the task tray which looks like 2 sets on traffic lights stuck together.


    Right click on this then click show.

    Then voice.

    Then VATSIM.

    From this you can set your volumes and devices. 

    You can now close the window, as everything is pretty much setup at this stage. 

    This view should already appear on the Control Panel. 

    If this appears 
    Click the yellow FSINN button.

    Now you can click the VATSIM button and you will be able to connect to the network.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

    Eoin Coates

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