Comments 'n Kudos

We always enjoy hearing what our our pilots and web site visitors like about our operation. Helps keep us motivated on all those late nights ;-) Below is a three-year collection of comments and kudos from those who visited our web site.

Tim West, WestWind web site visitor, wrote... (October 2, 1998)

By what I`ve seen just scrolling thru your site, It seems like a great place, I`ll be checking in soon to apply as a pilot. Keep up the great work!

Dan Doron, a WestWind web site visitor, wrote... (October 2, 1998)

Your site seems to me to be of the best in outlay as well as contents. I downloaded planes with no difficulties and they were self-installed in a simple method. T H A N K S .

Patrick Doman Jr., a return pilot to WWAL, wrote... (September 23, 1998)

You guys have developed a site that builds upon the FS realm. You are always updating the site to contain the best tools, the best aircraft, the best scenery. That is ever more important to all of us out here. For someone who spends as much time as I do using the Flight Simulator Program, I never get bored, there is always something new. Keep it up!

Robert Miller, a guy looking for a real-world ride in the wrong place, wrote... (September 22, 1998)


Ren wrote... (September 17, 1998)

Awesome! Nuff Said!

Dave Smart, new WWAL pilot, wrote... (September 14, 1998)

I used to fly for [three other major VAs]. All three had management problems and collapsed. I worked as aircraft designer before I decided I was spending more time designing and less time flying. I was attracted to WWAL by the fact that you've been around for awhile, you are a large organization, and you have an excellent training program. I found the introductory check ride somewhat challenging compared to some of these more wimpy ones out there. Also your web site has a nice layout and you have a good selection of planes to choose from, except maybe you could have a couple more for Cat I flyers.

Chuck Kositzke, new WWAL pilot, wrote... (September 8, 1998)

I became interested in virtual airlines when I was surfing There, I found a tremendous amount of information on different airlines. In my research, I found your VA to be quite stable (no links that needed to be updated) with a pleasant environment. [What attracted me most to WestWind]...

Friendly Environment. I watch the bulletin boards at and found that the communication between pilots and perspective pilots was helpful.

Well Organized and Efficient. I like the idea of using Flight Simulator's built-in capabilities to reduce the workload of the managers as well as pilots.

Most of all I like the fact that WestWind provides realistic training to people who are experienced with "playing" flight simulators, but play to see what it is like in the real world. I feel that I am taking my understanding and enjoyment of aviation to the next level with WestWind.

Nick Johnston, new WWAL pilot, wrote... (September 1, 1998)

WestWind has the most professional looking website of all the VAs I visited.

Sam Fragala, new WestWind pilot, wrote… (August 26, 1998)

It is a sincere pleasure to begin my virtual airline career with such a professional organization and I look forward to spending many enjoyable years with WestWind!

I was very impressed with the flight experience and backgrounds of Gene Popma and Bill Blakenship. It's nice to know that they are part of the WestWind management team and willing to share their real world experience with other airman through articles at the web site.

I became familiar with WestWind Airlines through use of Yahoo. I was searching for ways to creatively add to my flight sim experience which led me to the world of Virtual Airlines. The features that most attracted me to WestWind, was the care taken to provide a very well organized, professional and "as close to the real thing" experience for those willing to participate without being so restrictive and paperwork laden to diminish the fun associated with airline flight simulation. Kudos to all at WestWind!

I look forward to having some fun flying with WestWind. As Humphrey Bogart once said "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship"

Kenneth Smith, Chairperson of Magill Aviation Enterprises, wrote... (August 20, 1998)

I'll go ahead and add my compliments to you and the WestWind staff for such an outstanding web page, to say nothing about the caliber of WestWind VA itself. I consistently find interesting information through your site and associated links. I am an Avionics Tech, and my experience includes flying (both real and virtual) however, it goes without saying, the virtual hours are easier to rack up!! ;-)

Radomir Zaric, WWAL pilot and SATCO controller, wrote... (August 18, 1998)

In response to the kudos from Scott Gilbert, Chief of Operations at the IND ARTCC... It really makes me proud to be a WW pilot when I see comments like his.

As a controller in Atlanta, I must fully agree with the IND ARTCC staff in praising WestWind pilots. I might sound biased, but it is actually true. WestWind pilots are among the best out there in the SATCO community. It is my pleasure as a controller to see a WW callsign. It really guarantees professional conduct and shows the experience WW pilots have when they fly with SquawkBox.

Scott Gilbert, Chief of Ops of SATCO's Indianapolis ARTCC, wrote... (August 17, 1998)

On behalf of all the SATCO controllers at Indianapolis Center, I would like to thank WestWind Airlines for all of the fantastic pilots that fly into and through our sector. WestWind pilots are a pleasure to work with and tend to be some of the more professional virtual pilots flying in the SquawkBox environment. We even have a few of your pilots who work here as controllers!

Paul Smith, new WWAL pilot, wrote... (August 16, 1998)

I found out about WestWind through the documentation included with VIP Classic Wings 98 Volume 1. I have noticed that there seem to be very few links to your web site from other FS98 web sites, which I have found quite surprising, given the overall quality of your site.

The quality of your web site helped attract my attention at first, but beyond that there were a number of other factors:

I'm looking forward to this and wish all at WestWind the very best, and thanks for all your efforts.

Rodger, from Cabin Safety & Training, Inc., wrote... (July 23, 1998)

Great! Glad to find this site. Found it in the JP Airline Fleets. Had no idea that it existed. Marked as 'favourite'. Keep up the good work!

Dean Lawson, new WWAL pilot, wrote... (July 21, 1998)

I heard about WestWind from a co-worker, and also happened to stumble across it on a FS related site, I think it was In checking out the other Virtual Airlines that I saw on that site, [names omitted], in talking with my co-worker and in doing a search of virtual airlines on the web, it seemed that WestWind was the oldest, most established, most used and best supported. No choice to make, WestWind!! I really like the idea of the virtual airline, and WestWind is a fun way to fly with my FS98-- especially when I hook up with my co-workers over the 'net and together we fly WestWind routes to gain hours towards our ratings. WestWind is great!!

Bookie W., new WWAL pilot, wrote... (July, 21 1998)

The organization of this VA is astounding to me! The professionalism and high degree of structure convinced me that this was a place I would enjoy being part of. The training program and the virtual check ride sealed the deal. I've always thought that's how it should work. It is apparent that the management of this VA is on the ball.

"The Overgaards," WestWind web site visitors, wrote... (July 2, 1998)

I came across your website while searching for info. on the Airbus A300. At that time I didn't even know what a V.A. was. Now, after nearly a year of browsing the web for other V.A.s, I can safely say that your website is the most thought out and easy to navigate website around. What's more, your aircraft are of such high quality that they are the standard by which I judge all other freeware aircraft. Keep up the good work!!!

Andrew Hutchings, Editor of Air North in Newcastle, England, wrote... (July 1, 1998)

I heard about WestWind during a brief discussion thread on the FlightSim mailing list, which I have just subscribed to. I have only just upgraded my pc to one that is able to run FS98 so I have had a very enlightening and exciting time learning about virtual airlines/additional aeroplanes and scenery/etc., over the last month or so. Anyway the discussion thread on the mailing list threw up a number of recommendations for good virtual airlines to join, and WestWind's name kept appearing. I looked at your web site and realized why !

I was most impressed by your very attractive, full and professional web site. Everything was there that I needed to know, and it seemed to fit just what I was looking for, as in aircraft types/hubs etc. The initial training syllabus along with the downloadable aircraft (Beech 1900D) and training center scenery is superb.

Mike Wilkshire, new WWAL pilot, wrote... (June 16, 1998)

First of all, I'm glad to be associated with WestWind Airlines. I learned about WestWind through AvSim's website. The thing that attracted me to WestWind was the professional way that the airline was run. From the web pages to the training center to the hub structure, it appears to be a first class operation. I have flown for a number of VA's including Great Lakes Express, Tiger Air, and I currently fly for Noble Air and am based at PHL. I am not a pilot but I am employed within the airline industry. I am a Fleet Service Agent with US Airways in Cleveland,Ohio. I have been with them for 19 years so I have a pretty good idea of what an airline is like. I think WestWind may be the closest to a real-world airline of all the VA's I've seen. Once again, I am very happy to be with WestWind.

David Marks, new WWAL pilot, wrote... (May 22, 1998)

I'm highly involved with SATCO (I'm the Chief of the Memphis ARTCC), so I've helped out on most of the fly-ins and your pilots were always FANTASTIC in every possible way....from their flying ability to their attitudes! I also took a look at your website and REALLY liked what I saw....everything I needed was there....very impressive! [What attracted me most to WestWind is] probably the fact that you can fly the routes you wish, when you want, with what a/c you want (once you get past CAT I). It seems like there's no pressure if you don't have time to fly one week, and no limit if I want to fly 100 times a day <g>

I'm really looking forward to a positive experience with your VA. It seems like most of your pilots are involved on PC/SB, and I really like that! I'm not sure how many of your staff/pilots are currently involved with SATCO, but if anybody ever has any questions concerning SquawkBox and especially Pro Controller, I'll be MORE THEN HAPPY to assist them (I've been using the program for coming up on a year now, and am very familiar with many aspects of it). I love aviation, and I truly am a Flight Sim freak <g> I use everything from MSFS to ATCC to PS1 <g>. Thanks for the letter and I look forward to hearing from you in the future!

Krister Lindblad, new WWAL pilot, wrote... (May 8, 1998)

I had been thinking of joining a virtual airline for awhile and had more or less decided on Noble Air, when I read somewhere (Can't remember where unfortunately. CompuServe FSFORUM or somewhere on the Web perhaps) that WestWind was a very nice airline. I remember that your - excuse me, I mean our :-) - training program and on-line application for new pilots was pointed out as being worth to take a look at in its own right. So I went to and was hooked...

[What most attracted me to WestWind was] all the general dedicated, professional and friendly image. It was pretty obvious that this was a bunch of serious flight simmers with their priorities set right. The focus seems to be on having fun and developing the airline. The training program with the WTC scenery and the four lessons followed by check flight adventure certainly was impressive. Another thing I like is the very non-bureaucratic way the PIREPs are handled. I posted my first one already yesterday, after my two first "real" flights (851 ORD-DTW and 852 DTW-ORD), just to see what it was like. I was surprised to see how little information I had to input and how easy it was, compared to some report forms I have seen elsewhere.

Bryan Cruse, Chief WWAL's Cargo Ops, wrote... (May 8, 1998)

I thought I knew WestWind. Hal [Groce] and I had spoken about the WestWind-Cielo Cargo Division and I thought I knew a lot about WW and how things worked. Not until I became a WW pilot did I start to notice all the small things. The first time I used SquawkBox, I flew up to KIND from KATL, once I got into IND_CTR, he came on and said, "I like seeing WW pilots." Another controller said, "WW pilots are always welcome." That makes me very proud to fly for WW. And you can always tell the WW pilots from the other pilots. No, I don't mean by their WW#, but by the way they communicate with ATC. That goes a long way. Controllers like that, it makes their life easier and, in turn, makes the pilot's life a little easier too.

Mikael Hirvonen, new WWAL pilot, wrote... (May 3, 1998)

I can't say how much I have enjoyed my first month as a WestWind pilot. Seems I just can not stop flying. Perhaps my logged hours (121 as I'm writing this) somehow describes the enthusiasm I have for this "lifestyle". Also, I am finally beginning to make people around me understand what this is all about. I want to thank you all for making this what it is and for inviting me to join you.

As for real world, we finally have favorable weather here in Finland again so that I can get our trusty PA-28 up in the air again after the long, long winter.

Ed Batchelor, former Director [another VA] and new WWAL Pilot, wrote... (April 12, 1998)

Looks Great -- Less Irritating...

I have spent the last six months trying to help another VA become what I think it should be. I had grown disenchanted with the lack of organization, dedication, and teamwork -- and chalked it up to "lack of pay". Then I saw your site. You exhibit all of the above qualities and are on the forefront with easy to load and use files, a great web site, and Multiplayer fly-ins. I HAD to tender my resignation as hub director of my previous VA once I saw the extent of your great operations. I look forward to completing the training flights and "joining the ranks".

Bob Adkins, new WWAL pilot, wrote... (April 12, 1998)

This site is amazing!!

I was not aware of virtual airlines until I started surfing around on the 'net. I was impressed with the business approach of this VA as compared to others, and the idea of setting my own schedule appealed to me. I had been using Flt. Sim. 98 since December, and was ready for something new, to add a bit more "life" to the sim situation.

After taking in all the different areas of this site, I decided to "go for it" and began practicing with the Beech 1900D. After much work I applied for and passed the check flight! I was assigned pilot number A4354 just this week. I made my first 'revenue' flight (233 CVG-CRW 10:50 PM - 11:25 PM 04/11/98) and it went off with out a hitch.

The "VA" experience does add to the overall enjoyment of flight simming, and this VA is really great!

Mikael Hirvonen, new WWAL pilot, wrote... (April 8, 1998)

I must say I already feel I made the right choice when I joined WestWind airlines. [I was most attracted to WestWind by] the Cincinnati hub! and your beautiful website where I got the feeling that you are well organized.

Jean-Pierre, new WWAL pilot, wrote... (April 7, 1998)

Well first of all I am very happy to be part of WestWind Airman. I am 49 years old and got my private pilot ticket in 1981 and flew a total of about 200 hours in Cessna 140,150,152 and 172 until 1986. At that time the family was growing and flying was getting more and more expensive. But aviation is still a passion for me, still get it touch with it. I am an aeromodelist and in the past few years I built and fly different models. My last project is 96 inches and 13 pounds twin engines DC3 that I built from scratch drawings. A project of almost one year! And for sure really enjoy flying with Microsoft Flight Simulator FS98.

I can not remember exactly where I first heard about WestWind Airlines but it was on the Web when I was looking for something different then flying Multiplayer session. I tried flying in the Multiplayer mode with FS98 and found difficult to find serious players knowing exactly what they are doing. You know in the real word of flying you have to know exactly what you do...

One of the first things that attracted me on the WestWind Airman web site is the well organized structure of the site itself. After downloading the Beechcraft 1900D and the WTC training center with is 4 training sessions for getting familiar with the bird I knew that I was with serious guys, It was quite a surprise to be in full IFR conditions for the check flight from CHS to RDU, my passengers found the landing a little bit hard 8-(

Dale Himebaugh, new WWAL pilot, wrote... (April 7. 1998)

First, let me thank all of the members of WestWind Airlines for their kind assistance in getting me going. From the assists that I received from Hal on downloading the aircraft model to the warm welcome I have received after completing training, everyone had been so helpful and nice that I am recommend your line to all my friends.

I stumbled upon your site after looking on the web for support of FS98. I saw the term "Virtual Airlines" at another site and though that it might be fun to look at sites related to that. The initial hit on your page intrigued me and as I dug deeper into your site, I came to the conclusion that this might be fun to do. I regularly put in ten to twelve hours a month on my "Sim" and thought "here is something that give all of this purpose instead of wandering all over the skies with no objective". Your site makes this game come alive with purpose.

What attracted me most to site and the airline in general was the professionalism of the site and the attitude that, while a sim and a game, if we want to do something that is serious, let's do the thing up right.

I am not a real world pilot and hold no ratings. However, my father was a command pilot in the USAF and then a flight instructor in simulators and ground training for Western Airlines and Delta after the merger. I have flown the 737 simulator numerous times and have flown with my father. Perhaps that is the reason for my interest in the realism of WestWind.

Richard AKA PR918, new WWAL pilot, wrote... (April 7, 1998)

I saw information on [WestWind] Airlines on the "VIP Classic Wings" CD which I purchased. After reading up on virtual airlines, I decided that it sounded interesting and would be willing to try it out, since I'm on my computer flying everyday. After several home pages I decided that yours was the most informative, and offered more in the way a virtual airline should.

The feature I liked the most was how informative the page was in the way of questions, and support. I really liked the paint scheme and it looks very professional. After exploring a little more, I ran into some problems and had written to Hal Groce [WestWind's CEO] several times. I was impressed with the quick response and the professional attitude that he displayed, that sold me most of all.

I have flown in several types of aircraft from Cessnas to P-51's and love flying. I did start but ran out of money and have logged 13.4 hours in a R-22. I have been a Naval Aviation buff since I was a child as my dad flew F2H-1 Banshees during Korea and my Grand Father flew Spitfires for the RAF. I worked for the Burbank Airport for 10 years and have been around aviation for a long time.

I look forward to making the grade and climb the ladder to the top of your virtual airline. And thank you for allowing me, and others like me, to participate in such an event.

Drew Hosick, of WWAL's JFK Hub, wrote... (April 6, 1998 )

I flew [for WestWind] a while back and liked it so I came back again. [Features that brought me back to WWAL] are... most advanced VA, easy PIREP (now), lots of luxuries accompany becoming a pilot. I tried out many other virtual airlines to see how they were. Here are a few: TIA, Lynx, Aero, GWA, GLA, etc. I also began one once which didn't quite work, it was: CFCF.

Paul Levy, of our JFK Hub, wrote... (April 6, 1998)

I heard about WestWind at AvSim Online, then read all the awards you've gotten and had to try it out. [The feature that most attracted me to WestWind is...] I'm looking for a somewhat more active organization. I am currently assistant Hub Captain at LAX and have logged over 400 hours in heavies for [name of other virtual airline withheld] at FSFORUM on CompuServe. I have recently become disenchanted with the lack of activity by the pilots and the Hub Captain there. I plan to close my CIS account soon and want to do Internet only through my local ISP.

From what I have seen so far, this is a top notch organization. I was very impressed with my first check flight adventure even though I would not have attempted that landing in the real world <g>. I especially loved the "TERRAIN" warning on final. I am looking forward to many hours here in all types of aircraft.

Adrian from "Down Under" and new WWAL pilot wrote... (March 27, 1998)

I work for the Australian Post Office, and there are lot s of guys there into FlightSim -- one who got me into FS 5.0. I've loved it ever since. I acquired the VIP Classic Wings CD, and with that came the scenery for WWAL. I had a look at Club Air, but thought, "Go with the flow." WWAL seemed to be fairly well set up so I am. I could tell just by looking at your web site that you guys have been there a while -- the infrastructure etc. Also by the training, you obviously went to great lengths to set us newbies straight... .especially with a new plane like the Beech 1900D. You don't just give us our license just like that. (I had a WWAL pilot number before I even new what to do!!)

Oh and by the way.... a new pilot, Paul Skidmore (A4308), is flying with you. He asked if you guys were OK and I said yeah, they look like the best ones on the net!!!!

From Tony Proudlock (March 27, 1998)

At last tonight I logged over 500 hrs. I think I would have lost interest long ago if I hadn't found you guys. Even the virtual prangs have been worth it. Through you I learnt, often with many mistakes, the art of add-ons - be it scenery, planes, panels or adventures. You really have made the world of flight simming live.

applicant... (March 23, 1998)

Excellent website - showed good organization and attention to detail. I liked the choice of aircraft available to fly (and the company colors :<)) The WTC is an excellent idea and made training for position very enjoyable - how could I not select WW ;<) ?

From ""... (March 23, 1998)

I heard about WestWind through research. Everything about WestWind attracted me. The commitment the staff has, its long standing history of excellence, aircraft hangars, HUBS, and people who fly for you guys. I am not a REAL world pilot, but am studying to be one. I am almost finished with ground school, and we have it set up so I will solo on my 17th birthday... BTW, you have to be 17 to solo. I don't have any ratings yet, but I want my commercial, instrument, and visual of course, as well as some other tickets you need for chartering and flying multiple engine aircraft.

Steve Hansell, of our Boston Hub, wrote... (March 4, 1998)

Sure, WestWind has a stunning web site, smooth flying aircraft, a handsome livery, exciting events such as fly-ins with SquawkBox and Multiplayer, interesting features such as reviews of Around The World, detailed pilot operating handbooks, and much more. But what impresses me most about WestWind is the dedication and enthusiasm of the staff -- everyone from hub captains up to the highest management level have taken the time and effort to answer my questions and provide me with help. I have learned a great deal about FS98 and simming in general through WestWind and have had a great time doing it!

Sherman Gardner, new WWAL pilot, wrote... (March 3, 1998)

Had a great flight with the check flight adventure from CHS-RDU! Now I am sold on Virtual Airlines. I'm pumped over this new arena of Flight Simulation for me. I am commercial rated pilot in the real sky, but this is the next best thing! Great web site too!

Raul Di Calisto, new WWAL pilot applicant from Milano, Italy, wrote... (January 29, 1998)

I have been very pleased and well impressed visiting your web site. I am a FS98 amateur, and when I discovered virtual airlines I wanted to join one of them to have more "realistic feeling of flight". I would like to become one of your pilots, and for this I have downloaded all necessary to the training course. As soon as I finish it I'll apply to join you.

Your web site is very complete, and I have found more or less all I was looking for. The only thing that I have never found on the web sites of virtual airlines, are the aircraft's features: I have downloaded on my PC many aircraft (from Cessna to Concorde) and I have never found their features, and I mean fuel consumption at all altitudes (very useful to make flight plans), or cruise speeds in Mach@altitude (that's what we can easily check on our FS), rotating and landing speeds, climb and descent rates etc... Can you help me to find some of these parameters please?

Thank you for the great job on the web site, I'll let you know when I'm ready through the application form.

Editor's Comment: I can't speak for other VAs or aircraft creators, but at WWAL, we make a POH (Pilot Operating Handbook) for each aircraft in our fleet. The POH, which contains much -- if not most -- of the data you seek is included with the download file as a file (or similar) or can be obtained as a link from the page where you download the plane itself. Enjoy!

Paul Barley, WWAL Pilot-In-Training, wrote... (January 23)

To say that I have exhaustively investigated Virtual Airlines on the Internet would be somewhat ridiculous - There appear to several million more than I expected to find. I have, however, reviewed sites for a dozen or so of the -- so called -- "better airlines" and find WestWind Airlines to be extremely well organized and thorough - In short, A magnificent job by all who have participated and contributed.

I have flown this Microsoft Simulator thing since the beginning - Version one, from back in the dark ages. Version 98 is now on my system, and with the recent acquisition of a force-feedback flight control system, I have logged over 130 hours in the past seven (7) weeks. I have flown everything from the Cessna up to and including the Concorde (which was not a very good flight model).

I recently completed an around-the-world flight in the 737-400, which included a total of 54 flight hours and covered 5 days. Incidentally, I do not log any flight time that does not conclude with successful landings. With the flight control system, crashes are a thing of the past.

I am preparing to begin the WestWind training program for Category I aircraft, and hope, within the next week or so, to be accepted to the line pilot force at WestWind. I am a licensed pilot, in reality (Private - an expensive hobby) and when I'm not busy in the real world earning money to give to me ex-wife, I'm flying everything and anything I can get a hold of in the virtual flying world. It's only a damn shame that the body requires all of those valuable wasted flying hours for sleep.

I was compelled to write, in advance of completing the training and application, because of the impressive and thorough job you all have done developing this virtual airline and its supporting web site(s). Thanks to all for such a great job !!

S. Gieske, a WWAL web site visitor, wrote... (January 22, 1998)

Gentlemen, I have no doubt spent too much time in the last few weeks in front of this tube since I discovered your web site. As a licensed private pilot in Oregon, it has been a great way to spend some of those wet dreary days when I am unable to fly in the real world. Keep up the good work!

Gordon Webb, new WWAL pilot, wrote... (January 19, 1998)

I am a relatively new WestWind pilot. Cat l only so far but I'm enjoying the fun greatly. The web site is fantastic, so are the planes. Keep up the good work.

Thomas (Andy) Priebe, new WWAL Pilot #A4177, wrote... (January 19, 1998)

I learned of WestWind Airlines shortly after buying FS98. I was simply net surfing for sim related information and came across a link to your (our) site. I am not a real pilot. I am an aviation facilities planner for the Port of Portland. My office is a the Portland International Airport (PDX). I am involved in a lot of General Aviation and air cargo projects and am working a great deal with environmental issues related to deicing and anti-icing agents. I have a brother-in-law who is a first officer for a major airline and he has been a patient coach. I am 38 1/2 years old and have thought about a private ticket for my 40th birthday.

Thank you for putting together such a great way of making simulated flying hours seem a little less aimless. This should be a lot of fun.

Robert A. Nuernberg, new WWAL pilot, wrote... (January 19, 1998)

I think I first heard of WestWind Airlines in a MicroWINGS article on virtual airlines. I think there was at least one other article in a flight simulator magazine. Then I looked up several virtual airline web sites. For what it's worth, I was attracted to WestWind because the web site is superb. It certainly appears that WestWind is a class operation. I liked the idea of being able to pick your own routes rather than bid for them. It seems that WestWind has a good balance between structure and flexibility. I am looking forward to an enjoyable experience.

David Gomez, new WWAL pilot #A4163, wrote... (January 19, 1998)

Thank you very much for accepting my application to fly for WWAL. I've enjoyed every step so far. Even the really challenging-engine-failing-very low ceiling check flight. Can't wait to be flying those heavy birds. I found out about WWAL on Mike Marando's Sim Flight page. I was truly impressed by the organization shown on WWAL's page. (In fact, I went ahead and submitted an application to receive the $35 coupon). I hope to become a pilot as soon as money allows it. I'm hoping to receive the coupon before March so that my wife can give me the Introductory Lesson as a birthday present. After that, I plan to work on my license during the summers. I'm a high-school teacher! Once again, thank you and congratulations on a well run organization!

Dave Neely, Noble LAX Dir Ops and Qantas Virtual Air CEO, wrote... (January 18, 1998)

I'd like to compliment you on a well thought out well put together site. As a member of Noble Air it's nice to see that other VAs are out here having just as much fun as I. On a second note I'm also a VA founder, I've started my own airline as of the first of the year and it's nice to know that with a little work we can get to be where you are. Anyhow this was just a note to inform you of how impressed I was and to ask you where you obtained the be a pilot link, as a person who took that offer up I'd like to support it also (man the flight was a BLAST!) thanks again and look forward to hearing from you.

Maarten van Kleinwee, new WWAL pilot applicant, wrote... (January 16, 1998)

I'm 29 years old and live in Utrecht, which is about the fifth largest city in Holland.

One of my hobbies is civil aircraft spotting and that's how I came interested in computers and Flight Simulator. I started 1-1/2 years ago with FS5 and then FS6 (which was a bit of a dissapointment) and a few weeks ago I decided to by FS98, and I haven't regretted a single moment. I don't know how I came across the existence of virtual airlines (probably via a Flight Sim link), but for me it is the best way to get the most out of Flight Sim.

Why WestWind? The site came across as very professional and I also liked the way it was set up. In addition, I quite liked the promotion system and of course the type of planes used, and even the colour scheme (well done!). I also liked the fact that you first needed to take an exam and I thought the whole thing was very well set up. I found the Beech 1900 a very nice plane to fly. I was also pleasantly surprised about the opportunity to fly out of Amsterdam, which of course makes it a lot more interesting for me.

The attraction of flying for a virtual airline for me is that you don't just aimlessly fly from A to B and than think of what to do next. This gives me a chance to learn more about aviation and flying in particular. I am sure that flying for Westwind is going to live up to my expectations. Expect to see my flying hours increase with big steps the coming months!

Dave in Colorado Springs, new WWAL pilot-in-training, wrote... (January 16, 1998)

Tripped over your operation today and was impressed with the work put into it. So much so that I have already finished the first 3 of the 4 training flights. I'm in from AOL's Lynx airways, 500+ hours there. Looking forward to getting into this place with some freauency. Keep a Bud Dry cold for me till I finish this 1 engine stuff done...

Troy Stevens, Command Captain and Manager of our DFW Hub, wrote... (January 16, 1998)

I have been reading [internal management staff] e-mails over the last couple of days [regarding airline improvement plans for 1998] and have come to the conclusion that we have the most dedicated personnel of any VA that exists. I feel every comment that has been made is a great one. All the fantastic comments that have been made as to what WW can do to get the pilots excited about flying. I know the reason that I joined WWAL was because of the great organization that I saw on the web page and in my hub DFW.

In my year as DFW Hub Manager I have seen a few pilots that have lost interest for one reason or another. I will support any plan that helps our pilots become interested in flying and especially flying for our EXCELLENT Airline!! Thanks to everyone for their dedication and making WestWind the #1 VA on the web!!

Just for your information. I am flying to Phoenix, Arizona on the 29th of January to check out Westwind Aviation Academy [the real-world flight training school]!

Marshal Jordan, VP of Public Relations for Chesapeake Airways, wrote... (January 15, 1998)

Great idea on the "WestWind Widows Club"! I looked at the posts and it's a great idea! Hope your idea and airline keeps up the good work!

I was REALLY impressed by how quickly you responded, also sounding like you wanted to know what other people have to think (which you do!). I guess I was thinking of someone reading it on the other end and no reply. You also took the time to look at our web page, fleet, and probably other pages. You really set the standard for where others should be.

Melissa Murphy, former Publisher of Flight Training Magazine, wrote... (January 14, 1998)

The "WestWind Widows Club" is a hoot....good idea! Maybe you should also invite wives of "real world" pilots who spend countless hours at the airport to visit the web site....I know of few of them!

Geoff Dowsett, WWAL pilot, wrote... (January 2, 1998)

Full marks for the new self extraction facility for WW aircraft - nothing less than brilliant, particularly to some of us who are virtual thickheads!!

Tim Alsbury, new WWAL pilot applicant, wrote... (December 22, 1997)

I am excited to get started! It will be good to combine the structured flights similar to subLogic's ATP with a modern flight sim like MSFS 98'. I am impressed with the aircraft and facilities of WWAL. Also impressed by the web site!

Steve Adams, WWAL pilot applicant, wrote... (December 5, 1997)

I have extensively searched the net for VA's and I found your site to be the very best VA offering. I enjoyed the initial training at WTC and look forward to flying with the best...WestWind Airlines!

Jim Tester, President and Chief Pilot of Aero Airlines, wrote... (November 28, 1997) name is Jim Tester, and I am the current President & Chief Pilot of Aero Airlines, another Virtual Airline on the Internet. I am also a 10,000+ hour Airline Transport Pilot (Multi Engine). I am retired from a three-decade aviation career. Not bragging, just letting you know what kind of experience some of your comments are coming from.

I have gone over all your web pages, and I must say that I am truly impressed. You people have put together a Virtual Airline that you can be proud of.

It is refreshing to see that there are other Virtual Airlines on the Internet that consider "realism" to be the prime consideration of their platform. Keep up the good work.

Dave Cochran wrote... (November 15, 1997)

What can I say ... this is a great site! It looks like you (and others) have put a lot of effort into West Wind Airlines. As I continue tapping around the net, yours is still one of the best sites for information about flying the aircraft in your "fleet." Those POHs have been a great source of information.

As a real world pilot {private, 93-hours} I've found info. on the big jets that I simply couldn't find elsewhere. I've been able to download several jets and was able to use your POH info. to not only get from point "A" to point "B", but to land in a way that wouldn't cause any lawsuits!

In real life, I'm a t.v. news/weather anchor. Since I work the early morning shift, I get home, work out then fly a few trips. My current route is: IAD to DEN to ORD to SFO to SEA. Sometimes I fly from LYH to IAD {my usual escape from central Virginia.} Must go back to the real world now. Great Site! Great Info! THANKS!

David Christian, currently flying for Noble Air, wrote... (November 2, 1997, 1997)

I have also heard of this airline through comments posted at other web sites all of them glowing reports of your professional and realistic operations, and although I am a Flight captain with Noble Air Gatwick, I have always looked for a VA with a hub in the home town. Yours has been this first Airline with this available to me. I look forward to the experience of flying for you from my own back yard as it were.

Florian Floimair wrote... (October 30, 1997)

It's cool man !!!

Tim Collins, new WWAL applicant, wrote... (October 13, 1997)

I am VERY interested in joining a Virtual Airline, and yours seems to be top notch. I have spent the last hour checking out your Web Site!! I love the detail your airline embraces.

Ben Crossman, new WWAL pilot applicant, wrote... (October 13, 1997)

I've flown for TIA and MTEX for some time now and heard about WWAL from, came to take a look, and thought that this airline looked like a very well organized operation. Please consider me for a position in WWAL, it would be an honor to fly for your airline.

Brian Sommers, new WWAL pilot applicant wrote... (October 12, 1997)

I would really enjoy being a pilot with this airline, it seems so "real" from the color schemes on the aircraft to the clean and neat web pages to the name itself. I think one of these days I'll go to my local airport and there WestWind will be! Also, quite excited about joining a VA that may have some clothing coming out, real cool!

Gary Kulash of VANF wrote... (August 11, 1997)

Well, gotta hand it to you guys again....I've said it 1,000 times, but you guys have one hell of an airline. Even though WWAL has not been around since the beginning of our 'universe' in the early 90's, you have still managed to grow to well over 500 pilots, with goals in the 1,000 mark. You've collected over 1,000,000 hits in 3 MONTHS! You've been honored by the best of the best, and it keeps getting better! Once again, congratulations on creating a masterpeice here in the flight simulation world!

Paul Affleck (aka "Starlifter") wrote... (August 5, 1997)

Excellent job guys! Evrything was easy to find and navigated well to many interesting and usefull pages!!! Keep up the good work believe me it's a pleasure to visit such a well maintained and designed web site! Thanks!!!

Martijn van Boxtel, Orange Air President, wrote... (August 3, 1997)

Just to let you know that your airline is: well organized, very realistic, looking good (website), huge, etc. Keep up the great work!

Jan Jonkman, future WWAL pilot, wrote... (July 13, 1997)

I'm from Curašao (an island just to the east of Aruba) and I'm an airline pilot for the Antillean airlines (ALM). I'm the first officer of the MD-80. I first flew as FO on the Dash-8 for two years. I just want to say that your training really adds up to realism.

Sam Hooker, future WWAL pilot, wrote... (July 11, 1997)

Your Web site is the most detailed, user friendly and attractive one I have yet seen. Everything one could want is here! Your efforts are appreciated and speak volumes about the quality of people at WestWind Airlines. Please keep up the Good Work!!

Stacy Clark, President of PROPELLERhead Simulation Software wrote... (July 8, 1997)

Just wanted to let you know that in my opinion, WestWind is one of the best sites around regardless of topic. I am on the net for various things all day long (as my phone bill and "bronze wall plaque" at my ISP's headquarters will attest). I have never had a problem getting in, the pages load fast, the site is easy to navigate, and surprisingly, I always find something new. I don't know how you guys do it and still maintain a full-time real-life job. My hat's off to you.

Response from the webmaster: The secret to our web site is lots of lonely 11:00 p.m to 3:00 a.m. web time, very strong coffee, supportive wives and a top notch staff, 110% dedicated to the cause. The secret to the speed of our site is our outstanding ISP -- Vivid.Net and The Calamistrum -- true "on-air" partners.

"Matgiraffe," a new pilot applicant, wrote... (July 2, 1997)

This site is the most advanced and REALISTIC site that I have ever been to. It amazes me that this can be run like a real airline! I am just too impressed to say much more or I would fill up 20 pages! I put my name on the waiting list and I hope I am contacted soon! Thanks for a great place to visit!

Dean Dubois, avid flight simmer and WWAL pilot applicant, wrote... (June 23, 1997)

First of all, I thought I surfed on to a real airline page. Then I thought about it... I've never seen your planes anywhere before (and I travel a lot). When I discovered that I had fallen on a VA, I couldn't believe it! I never knew of the existence of such an organization.

I'm an avid aviation fan. I fly every day on FS. I've just applied to be a pilot and I can't wait to get to work. Your site is an example, for any web site. It's well structured, easy to understand downloading and installing instructions and an ingenious use of sound and animation. Plus, the best hanger around! I can't wait to get my pilot number. One question, where do you guys find the time to take care of a site like this?!

Howard Hall, new pilot applicant, wrote... (June 9, 1997)

First of all I would like to say that your airline is the absolute best! The organization and appearance is top notch! I am extremely impressed and I really hope to get accepted. I am not a real pilot but I do have flying experience and I also work as a Flight Attendant for Phoenix based America West Airlines. I get a lot of help from the pilots I fly with. I am also planning to go for my PPL when I reach my next anniversary and get my raise. I can't wait!! I leaned of your site in the VAA News Flash and Award sections. I can see why you have so many!!

Kevin Peters, President of Southern Pacific Airways, wrote... (June 6, 1997)

Dear all at WestWind, (I can see this is going to many people) :) I was touring your site after going to the VANF. You have a highly realistic site, with a business, yet fun-like approach. After hearing about the hype centered around your site, I decided to visit, and I must say I am impressed. Congratulations on a job well done.

Management note: It's always a pleasure to hear from other virtual airlines! The Flight Sim community truly is a great one!

Robert Rijkse, president of Palwaukee Transportation Services, wrote... (June 3, 1997)

I just listened to [Sean's Aviation Weekly] interview with Jonhaton and was VERY impressed with his knowledge of the Virtual Airline world. I myself run a small commuter virtual airline and wish to congratulate you on a great performance. I love your website. Very professional. I only have one minor complaint. I use to be a pilot for WWAL and hated that the routes were hardly changed. Now that I am running and editing my own website I can see how much time is spent on this. Thank god I have only twenty five pilots instead of 400+. Hope you continue to have success with WWAL.

Management note: Thanks for the kind words Robert. Much success to you and your VA too. BTW, we now have more than 500 pilots flying for WestWind -- a lifetime worth of route planning :-)

Clint Naramore, WWAL Pilot Applicant, wrote... (May 22, 1997)

Extremely well organized V.A. My #1 choice!!

Evan Baach, WWAL new pilot applicant, wrote... (May 17, 1997)

I love WestWind! This is the best homepage and VA!

Joe Deering, WWAL web site visitor, wrote... (May 16, 1997)

I am a virtual pilot for a couple of airlines.While surfing the web I came across this site, I am impressed with this airline as it appears that it is being managed as closely as possible to a real time airline. I am considering applying as a pilot for this organization.If you want to be a virtual pilot, I highly recommend this Virtual Airline.

Michael J. Fox, WWAL pilot applicant (no... not the actor), wrote... (May 14, 1997)

Extremely impressive Website!!!

SeongKyu Choi, WWAL pilot applicant from Korea wrote.. (May 11, 1997)

I found WestWind from FlightSim.Com's web site. Out of many VAs, I chose WWAL. WestWind is the best I have found.

Gary Kulash, CEO of VANF and WWAL pilot wrote... (May 9, 1997)

I would like to take the time to personally congratulate you and your wonderful staff at WestWind airlines on creating what is without a doubt the most popular, realistic, and greatest airline that this industry has ever seen. WestWind is the United Airlines of the Internet, and you are even getting more hits than the VANF, as well as other major Flight Simulator organizations! WestWind is personally the best airline that I have ever seen in my life, and for that I must applaud you and your staff. In my viewpoint, WestWind is what every VA out there should strive to be, you are a role model in the industry to many. I wish you the best in what appears to be a long lasting airline.

Serge Watier, SEA Hub Captain, wrote... (April 25, 1997)

By the way, congratulations to all for the new pages. You made the best VA web site BESTer (this is the only word that came to mind). Thanks to all of you guys who work so hard to make MY flying experience enjoyable. Please pass this on to everyone involved. Cheers and good flying to all of you !

Scott Golden, new pilot applicant wrote... (April 23, 1997)

I've been a casual "simmer" for a couple of years, but after going through your site (which has taken me a couple of days!!) I have sent in my application to become a pilot trainee for WestWind Airlines.

After reading a lot of the comments, I agree [with George Watson of Computer Pilot Magazine], this VA sounds more like a real time operation than any other one I've seen. I will try to live up to the standards you've set to continue to make WWAL the best VA in the world.

Juergen Vollmer wrote... (April 16, 1997)

That is an easy review [of your web site]: It is simply THE BEST!

Pedro Sousa from Horta-Portugal wrote... (April 3, 1997)

Absolutely Amazing!!!!!!!! Great Job!!! Keep it up!!

Corey Clenaghen, future WWAL pilot wrote... (March 24, 1997)

Love what you have done with the place! I am in the holding pattern to get on board. Used to be with Aero Airlines. They have a great operation but your aircraft selection is what sold me. The fidelity of your flight models is excellent. To show you what a nut I am... I spent half a day at the Bellingham Washington Airport and watched some Beech 1900s and Dornier 328s come in. I noticed that the Beech had about a 9 to 10 second roll before rotation on takeoff. Got home tried my Aero Beech. It took 15 secs -- more like a DC-9. Tried your Beech and -- voila! -- 9 to 10 seconds! Also handled much smoother. The roll rate was crisper. Also the detail you guys put into your aircraft -- such as the POH files -- is excellent. Someone is doing a lot of hard work. Look forward to flying WWAL.

Mike Lukas, WWAL pilot in the "holding pattern" wrote... (March 23, 1997)

I thought I just like to let you guys know that this is by far the best airline. But I am a little upset about the wait. I have a great interest in flying. I checked around the other VA and yours is by far the best. The only real competition WWAL has is Aero Air, who claims to be the safest is the sky. Anyway I especially like your flight school. It shows that your pilots are the best.

Ulf Holmstr÷m from Sweden wrote... (March 17, 1997)

Great FS pages! The best I've ever seen!!!!!! GOOD WORK, 10 out of 5 points!! :-)

Mark Radelow from Noble Air (another great VA) wrote... (March 14, 1997)

Hello, my name is Mark Radelow and I am a pilot (and staff) for Noble Air (we're one of the old guys in the VA world). Anyway, I was just surfing around looking at Flight Sim stuff and just wanted to say I like the layout of you web site. Really straightforward and organized. It takes this kind of organization to make a real VA last and I think you guys definitely got the formula down pat. Anyway, that's about it...

Dr. Rene Sterental, WWAL Pilot Trainee, wrote... (March 3, 1997)

Wow! I made it just in time. Last Friday I got my Pilot ID and Hub assignment, and yesterday evening when I went to check the WWAL web site I found the hiring was in stand-by. And you guys were quick, when I submitted my application I was told to wait for ten days, and it was a lot quicker than that. I am reporting to the Training Center tonight and look forward to my virtual career with WWAL.

Let me tell you that I was almost committed to join another virtual airline, had even sent a message stating my interest in joining when the article in Computer Pilot Magazine on Flight Sim places in the Web directed me to your Web site with a very promising review. After my first browse of your Web site was over, I had decided to join you instead of the other one, and the more browsing I do, the happier I am about my choice.

WWAL's web site is very well structured. All the information I have found is relevant and interesting, the links to related information or additional material are all good, and in fact, now that I am a Trainee, I have made it my default home page. Keep up the great work, it's showing by the amount of pilots that have joined.

Well, let me get started with my training, because I am eager to qualify and start my new virtual career!

Best regards and let's keep being the VA leaders!!!

Bruce Wilson, a WWAL pilot applicant in the "holding pattern" wrote... (February 28, 1997)

This bites! I try to sign up the day you stop accepting applicants so I try to find another airline to fly with but no one even comes close in quality and fun so here I have to sit waiting...waiting...waiting...I'll go nuts!

Bryan E. Sammons, WWAL pilot applicant wrote... (February 7, 1997)

I am eager to put my skills to the test in virtual simming with your very respectable airline. I have downloaded some of your aircraft and very much enjoy the looks and flight handling. Even though I can't verify the true flight characteristics of them, they seem to react very "true". Your aircraft seem to have been designed with care and accuracy, and again, I am eagerly awaiting coming aboard and sharing some flight simulation with you all.

Marius Strom, WWAL pilot applicant wrote... ( February 7, 1997)

Found on VAA, one of the last four to decide between (Tradewind Caribbean, Lynx, Aero Airlines, and this) and this one [WestWind] came out on top.

Ed Nichols, WWAL pilot applicant wrote... (January 23, 1997)

Was so impressed with WestWind that I sold my old 486DX 66 and had a new system built so I can enjoy all WestWind has to offer.

Management Comment: I'm equally impressed with WestWind's site but my wife won't let me upgrade my 486DX 66. Some people have all the luck (or nicer wives!)

John Konecny, new WWAL applicant wrote... (January 18, 1997)

I checked out several other VAs and your [web] site is state-of-the-art.

Neil Eagles, new WWAL applicant wrote... (January 18, 1997)

Being a private pilot, this is what I've always been looking for.

Ed Turner, Korean War Vet, web surfer and Full Throttle reader wrote... (January 17, 1997)

I first learned about your website through browsing the Web and from Full Throttle. I was so impressed with Hal Groce and WestWind. I was also impressed by what others had to say about your site.

Knowing that most of the comments are from real world pilots (the experts) as well as computer pilots, such as myself, made my days and nights of visiting this site very enjoyable.

Please keep up the good work. This comment is from a retired St. Louis MO policeman, who's only real air time was at the strings of a parachute on loan from the American tax payers, during the Korean war (82nd Airborne).

Brian Sommers, new WWAL pilot applicant wrote... (January 15, 1997)

A really impressive airline and great looking aircraft. Looking forward to climbing up the ladder and meeting some other sim pilots!

From Mike Kohtz (whose wife hates us), new WWAL applicant... (January 13, 1997)

Comments about the whole enchilada...

I found your site while surfing around looking at flight sim sites. As I am, or should say was, an old Tornado sim jock, skydive freak and kid who grew up at FBOs helping his dad piece Cherokees back together. I have always had "My head in the clouds." And after spending who knows how long checking out your site I was hooked. I found myself at Best Buy looking for Flight Shop or FS6.

After getting home I loaded up FS6 and fooled around with it. Before long I was back on your web site and submitting my application. Now I have been to a lot of other VAs and Flight Sim Sights and yours is the most outstanding site for the FS fanatic that I have found. My wife hates you guys. She really does.

Your training program is top notch. Your POHs take a lot of the frustration out of learning the flight model of the planes in your livery. And when you compare your logo to others they pale in comparison. I think you guys are the leading edge in support of FS6 and if I wasn't spending so much time on your site I would have 50 more hours logged by now. Keep up the great work gentlemen and I'll keep logging hours, spreading the word and living at your web site.

Management comment: I think it's time to start a support group for our angry wives called, "WestWind Widows Club." We posted a web page for angry comments about their hubbies who have completely lost their minds, sitting perched in front of a computer screen 'till the wee hours of the morning playing pilot. Comments from angry wives are now being accepted .

Chris Perez, CEO & Chairman of AERO Airlines, wrote... (January 11)

Hi to all. After a couple of recent chats with Sean Reilly, I just had to stop by and surf around your site. Nice layout, well organized...definitely something that will create interest once your site is found.

Congratulations on 1996....looks like it was very successful for you. Continue the professional manner in which you carry out your hobby, it is VERY refreshing to know that there is another VA out there doing things the RIGHT way.

J Sudsy from AOL wrote... (January 11)

Your airline looks really nice. I am currently in Skyline and was just looking around. Very well done.

From Ian M. Stephens, a now-enlightened VA ex-neophyte... (January 8, 1997)

I think your web site looks great! Easily the best looking VA out there. I found out about VAs quite by accident - I followed a link from MicroWINGS. I was curious as to what the heck a virtual airline was. Once I surfed the WestWind site for a while over Christmas, I had a very clear idea what they were and started to get excited about getting enough hours into FS5 to be able to fly some routes for you guys. Thanks!

From Craig Brown -- new WWAL applicant... (January 6, 1997)

I really believe your web site looks and operates in the most real and professional manner. You're extremely organized. I enjoy the aircraft spec sheets and varied types of aircraft offerings. I especially like the FSW95 support section files area, links, and the ATC!! The training area looks professional too. I would like to see more support for FSW95. I would also like to see the Hub operators offer flights to other WestWind hubs on the hub's schedules. The extra missions look cool too. Everyone is quick to answer an email and that is very important to me. Serving the customer is number one nowadays!

Ckj70 from AOL wrote... (January 5, 1997)

I am an avid flight simmer, however, I am a beginner with the Internet. I stumbled upon your web site after reading an article in "Computer Pilot" magazine. The web site is wonderful. I didn't realize that the flight sim community is as large as it is. What a great thing!!!! The new aircraft and utilities are terrific! Please keep up the great work!!!

Ronald Casto from WWAL's JFK hub wrote... (January 4, 1997)

I think we have the best Web Pages of all the Virtual Airlines!!! Everything is easy to follow and read, links are quick! Keep up the good work.

From Richard Lopez, soon to be WWAL pilot... (January 4, 1997)

I just finished checking out your site. It is great and it looks like you all have spent many hours to provide a quality site. I will participate in your airline program as soon as I get the flight shop software I need.

I am a private pilot and believe that this site will make me a better and safer pilot.

There is one part of your site that I found to be a real pain in the butt. Every time I went to a page I got three or four of those cookie messages. I OK'd one hoping they would stop but they didn't. Can you cut these back a bit?

Again thanks for a great site. I have already told one of my fellow pilots about your site and can't wait to get to the airport again to tell the guys during our hanger talk session. Your planned DC hub will be great for us. Best wishes, take care.

Management note... thanks for the kind words about our web site and for telling your fellow pilots about us! Sorry about those cookie messages. I suspect the messages may be browser related -- if you are using AOL or CompuServe, this is probably where your problem lies. This is why we recommend -- highly -- on our two opening pages that you get Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Explorer to view our site -- you are missing much if you don't have one of these fine browsers.

From Gary Hack... (December 27, 1996)

Greetings. I am an avid flight simmer and currently fly with FS6, I used to belong to a Virtual Airline on MSN but with the traveling I do I had to drop out, but you have a great site and I look forward to re-visiting often, keep up the good work.

From Craig Brown again... (December 23, 1996)

I really like the look and feel to your West Winds airline. I have decided to join it after shopping around so to speak! Your web page looks professional and the organizational level of the web site is outstanding! The aircraft specs are a blessing! Try going out and finding info on these birds!

The Hubs look excellent! I like the personal touch and feel to them. I like their organization and the emphasis on the aircraft that serve that hub. They have a purpose! The forums and utility areas are great! Flight training school etc.. I just can't say enough! EXCELLENT job sir! I know it takes resources and a lot of personal commitment to make this work! I have received email messages from the staff and I'm impressed!You care about the sim pilot! Finally, an airline that looks and feels like the real commercial operations!

From Craig Brown, new WWAL applicant... (December 20, 1996)

After looking over the West Wind site, I have decided to submit an application to join your Airline. George Hutchinson wrote me a note to explain a bit more about your Airline. I also learned of your airline while reading Full Throttle magazine. Thank you for providing a well designed and very informative web site. I appreciate your dedication to providing this experience for virtual pilots. I appreciate the feedback section, utilities page and future roll-outs of FS95 products.

From John Gahbauer, web surfer and possible future WWAL airman... (December 7, 1996)

I just stopped by and wanted to say that your site is very appealing to the non-commissioned flight-sim enthusiast. I'd reckon to say it is a developing hub for flight-simmers as well as WWAL pilots. Thanks from a flight simmer and possibly, maybe, WWAL pilot!

From Matthew McLean, WWAL pilot applicant... (November 30, 1996)

After reviewing the various airlines on the net, yours looks like the best! Send me an app, I'm ready to go. I'm a designated Naval Aviator, with 2000+ hours in T-34C, UH-1D, Jet Ranger and SH-3G/H aircraft. I have my aircraft dispatcher's certificate, and am type rated as a F/E in the B-737, working or having worked for an airline in both those capacities. If your homepage is any indication of your professionalism, I think I can look forward to a happy career with you. Thanks for your time and hope to hear from you soon!

From Jesse R. Callahan, USAF, Retired... (November 30, 1996)

As an old retired USAF throttle bender, I must say this WWAL is just about as near to the real thing as you can have. Back in my days as a throttle jockey, WWII Jan '42 to April '63, I burned a lot of holes in the blue, but this is a lot easier on the nerves and disposition. C47s, C54s,C97s and C118s were a lot slower, and you had more time to plan your escape route if one became necessary. I was never Jet qualified due to age, but this seems like it will be more fun.

From Marlon Morales, WWAL applicant... (November 28, 1996)

I am looking forward to flying with WestWind as soon as I can. Also, I was looking into doing some administrative work for the airline if there is a position open. I'm a flying fanatic! I'm currently going to Emery-Riddle Aeronautical University where I received my Private and am now in training for my Instrument rating. I also have a minor in computer applications and in aviation safety. If I can bring anything to WestWind, I'm willing and ready!

From Dave Wilson, WWAL applicant... (November 28, 1996)

This is, to the best of my knowledge, the best all around laid out and organized VA I have seen. I've already left my previous VA employer to join this prestigious fleet. I'm ready to fly!!! Hopefully my application gets processed quickly.

From Steven Mattos, Lt. Col. USMC and new WWAL applicant... (November 25, 1996)

I recently read a review on your web site in "Full Throttle" magazine. The article did not do your site justice. This is by far the best VA site I've ever visited. In fact, I'm so impressed, that I'm dropping my old airline and requesting to join your outfit. All I can say is, "Hats off to all the people that pulled this off. Your site should get top honors in creativity, design, ease of use, detail of information and "down right outstanding site of the year" (no, I wasn't paid to say all that). Keep up the good work, and I hope to be flying with you soon. Semper Fi.

From Michael West, new WWAL applicant... (November 25, 1996)

This is much, much better than yer nearest "rival" Air Australia.

From David Warnke, WWAL "frequent flyer"... (November 24, 1996)

I have, in fact, visited the WestWind site nearly every day this past week. I was delighted to discover (on the very evening that you were back in service) that your problems had been resolved. I am glad to see that there are going to be great things happening at WWAL. I'll continue to be a WestWind visitor and loyal "passenger". And thank you for your continued interest in having me sign on. Happy Thanksgiving to you and the rest of the crew!

From Ray Carolina, jokester and WWAL applicant... (November 16, 1996)

My congratulations for creating such an interesting, informative and dynamic VA site. Please send my pilot's application immediately! I'm open for immediate relocation and assignment (do you pay all moving costs or do we split 50-50?)... listing house for sale this afternoon... do you cover real estate commission? How many sick days do we get and will our group health plan provide for drug counseling? How long do I have to be employed as pilot before I can take out a loan from the credit union?

All joking aside fellows, what a wonderful concept. I would love to become part of this wonderful venture. I can see meetings, seminars, trips, reunions, etc., in the future. Have a beer on me! (within 24 hour window prior to flight).

From Serge Watier -- a (self proclaimed) "very anxious applicant" (November 12, 1996)

I just realized that I spent over an hour and a half exploring your new site. Congratulations! This is the best virtual airline site I have visited yet. If the look of the site is any indication of the quality of the virtual flying experience you provide, it promises to be very exciting. What amazes me the most is the pride and excitement which seem to underly your operations. I have applied to join WestWind Airline and, believe me, I can't wait to get a response. I wish you WestWind Airline a long life and to all its members very Happy Flying!

From Erich Freymann, AOPA Member and new WWAL applicant... (November 9, 1996)

I saw the news of your V/R Airline in the latest issue of AOPA Pilot (Nov'96). I have visited your website and am interested in flying with you. Please send me the application for a pilot position in your Airline.

From David Warnke - prospective WWAL pilot... (November 7, 1996)

I discovered WWAL in late August of this year when I just began surfing the Net. I was linked to your home page from another site, and was immediately fascinated by the whole virtual airline concept.

In the last month I have visited many (but not all) of the VAA member airline sites-- especially the ones where many tickets were purchased. It seems that the voting is simply a popularity contest (AOL members supporting their own VAs). For quality of aircraft (including well-written POHs) WWAL is clearly the best!

I hope you will continue to keep up the standards of excellence you have set on this site. While I continue to think about submitting my request for an application, I will also be visiting this site on a regular basis and looking for (among other updates) the BAe-146 POH. I'm on my way now to the VAA to buy another ticket on WWAL.

From George Watson of Computer Pilot Magazine... (October 23, 1996)

I gave you a good write up in the Online column for the Nov/Dec issue (of Computer Pilot). You have a great web site. Please don't change the address of anything before the issue comes out <G> . (mid November).

From David Jaubert, WWAL Pilot ORD (October 13, 1996)

I must say this is the far best VA ever! It is so organized, so professional and easy to use. The staff of WWAL is extremely nice and very helpful. The aircraft are excellent! I am very proud to be a pilot for WWAL. Keep up the good work Guys!

From Benjamin Fields, WWAL Pilot (October 13, 1996)

Great Vegas Scenery review!! I really like your review my my hometown's scenery pack. BTW, how did the Stratosphere Tower look???

From "Swift Eagle" Microsoft's MSN Flight Sim Forum Manager (September 26, 1996)

I have visited your site. Nicely done. I probably missed some stuff because I don't accept "cookies", I don't have enough hard drive space to store everything these web sites want me to <g>. If you guyz are interested in having a link in the SAF in FS Forum drop a note to either KFORCE or BobSAF, they can help you with the details. Again, very nice job!

From Ronald Castro, WWAL Pilot (September 24)

This Web Site just keeps getting better!!! Other Virtual Airlines will be nothing more than copy cats.

From George F. Watson, Computer Pilot Magazine (September 23, 1996)

I have looked at your WestWind Web site and liked it very much. I'll be writing it up for the Nov/Dec issue in the online column. It is a terrific web site.

From Robert N. Lee, New WWAL Recruit! (September 23, 1996)

Please sign me up!

I am asking for a pilot application to join this MOST FABULOUS VA! One look at your main web page and I was HOOKED! I thought --- "Without a doubt, this is the best there is, and knew this IS the VA for me!!! I am also a "real world pilot" and can use my aeronautical knowledge to be an asset here. PLEASE send me an application as soon as you can. The pages are breathtaking! The aircraft livery is STUNNING AND BEAUTIFUL! I would LOVE and be VERY proud to be a part of it!

I hold a multiengine IFR commercial license, as well as an IFR Helicopter license. I have been flying ever since I was 14, I am now 26. So, I have the knowledge and would love to put that to work for you! Hope to hear from you soon!!

From Justin White, WWAL Pilot, DFW Hub... (September 22, 1996)

The new site looks great! It is obvious that all of you have put some major work into the new site. There is so much here to look at! With all of this it is going to be hard finding enough time to fly this week/month.

From Luis F. Lopez, WWAL PILOT, DFW/AFO... (September 21, 1996)

The new Web site is awesome. Without any doubt the best of any virtual airline everywhere. I'm very proud to be part of WestWind, an airline that is setting new standards for the others to follow. You can spend hours browsing through the pages and when you come back you always find something new!!! Keep the great work.

From Joaquin J. Zamora, Law Student & WWAL Pilot, DFW (September 20, 1996)

While law school and research projects do take up much of my time, I still try to get in at least 15 - 20 hours a week in. WHY? Because WestWind is FUN to fly for.

Sometimes I catch myself thinking about planning my flight route during class and try to select which VOR's make the best straight-line flight, and then realize that I am NOT paying attention to the professor. It's that bad.

It's been fun flying for WestWind and the new website looks great! Keep up the good work. Here's to making good cross-wind landings!

From Eddie "Flyin' E" Haynes, WWAL Pilot, JFK (September 14, 1996)

Heartiest congratulations on the fantastic upgrade to the WestWind Site. It is moving to more realism and making my association with WestWind more 'realistic.' Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing your other 'back burner' plans placed on the ' front burner!'

From Troy Stevens, WWAL Pilot, DFW... (September 13, 1996)

Just writing to tell you that I absolutely love this web site!! You have done a fantastic job!! I have had nothing but pure pleasure while reading through it. I've never seen a VA cover so much material. You all get a pat on the back from me.

I love WestWind and have only been a member for a few weeks. I can't leave my computer because you make it so exciting. I'm currently training for my CAT 2 rating and should finish it up tomorrow. You all make this VA the best ever and should be proud of a job extremely well done.

Keep up the information on real-world aviation. I plan on starting flight lessons next summer when I finish up my bachelors degree and can devote all my time (and money) to it. You guys are terrific. Thanks for all the work you do!

From Joe Bean, WWAL and new just certified real-world private pilot... (September 13, 1996)

I would like to congratulate all of the people behind the creation of this wonderful new web-site, and especially behind the creation of this whole virtual airline. The site is great because every time I come back here I am always greeted by something new to do or see. I feel like I have a part in this airline, even through I am only a Category I pilot. Keep up the excellent work fellas!!!!!

From Ivan Pla, WWAL's SFO Area Manager... (September 12, 1996)

Dude! The new pages kick some serious ass! Excellent job.

From Ronald Castro, WWAL Pilot, JFK... (September 11, 1996)

This is the BEST VA web page (or should I say web pages!!) that I have seen on the Internet or any where else. It is easy to get around WWAL. I fly out of the JFK Hub. I really enjoy the Airline. I looked at many and settled on this one. The artwork is great, keep up the good work!!

From Dan Maxwell, WWAL's VP of Training... (September 10, 1996)

I have to say that I am EXTREMELY proud to be part of WestWind Airlines. The new web pages are only a small example of the incredible talent we have riding in the right seat of this operation. With the talent, intelligence, and enthusiasm that the team at WestWind has, management and line pilots alike, it is no wonder that WestWind is the premier organization for flight sim enthusiasts of all types.

From Denis Gagnon WWAL Pilot #A1105, CYVR... (September 8, 1996)

That's it. I'm going to spend more time exploring the new site than I'm going to spend flying this week. AND IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT !!! Why did you have to make this thing look so good and so interesting ?

Seriously, this is a great job. Congratulations to everybody who participated in this major undertaking. Happy flying (if you still have some time).

From Jeff Cloward, WWAL Pilot #A1184... (September 8, 1996)

"Wow! What a sight!"(quote from the blind man in Buddy Guy's song "Superstar")

As a new FOT in the turboprops but a long time observer of various VA's I have to say that this one is outstanding! Its unbelievable that this level of professionalism is executed by volunteers! All I can say, as one who is extremely hesitant to join anything, is I am extremely proud and honored to be a member of such a promising group of people. Best of luck and rewards to all of you.

From G. Katz, Area Manager DFW and JFK... (September 7, 1996)

What a hell of the job you have done here, it's really amazing how this airline have risen since its foundation. With this new look, you have improved a place where flight simmers can feel and enjoy the adventure of flying. I am also very pleased to be part of WestWind Airlines, not only as a pilot but also as the DFW and JFK Area Manager. I would like to invite all the folks out there to join us and become part of the Number One Virtual Airline. Keep it up !!! A1057 Over.

From Jose Estevez, WWAL pilot abroad... (September 7, 1996)

Congratulations on your magnificent work on the remodeling of the WWAL Page. I am fascinated with the new pages. The organization, the design, the links... everything is very nice. I am very happy with the expansion of WWAL into Europe and with the new hub. Once again Congratulations from PORTUGAL! Great job, guys!

From Troy Stevens, New WWAL pilot... (September 4, 1996)

I just spent over an hour reading through all of your operation material and your rules and regs. I like the way your web pages have lists of e-mails of your pilots and their rank and type/ratings etc. This is the way a Virtual Airline should be. I would like to interact with other pilots who fly for WestWind and exchange ideas and utilities, sceneries, aircraft, etc. This is by far the best organized Virtual Airline on the web. Believe me I've checked out most of them and this one definitely caught my attention. Please send me an application for employment. I would love to be a part of WestWind.

From Brian Hankey, European Op Area Manager... (September 3, 1996)

I have to admit that I am a proud member of WestWind Airlines on this glorious day. I extend my sincerest congratulations to all that have participated in making this new web page a reality. I have seen it come from a page with nothing on it but the front page to today where everything is on the same server. You guys have made the virtually impossible seem like a walk in the park.

Oh and for the real meat and not the gratuitous self serving comments... "THIS SITE IS GREAT !!"

From Paul Pfeifer, Prospective Pilot... (August, 1996)

I was very impressed by the WWAL web site. It has a definite professional look to it. Please get back to me as soon as possible to what I should do next.

From Marc Suxdorf, Panel Designer... (August, 1996)

I just had a look at your very, very nice Homepage. I am flattered to find my name in your panel section !!!

I wish you all the success you can handle !

From Stacy Clark, PROPELLERhead Design Software U.S.A. ... (August, 1996)

I took a more in-depth look around tonight...

What a professional site! You are without a doubt, at the same level or better than MicroWINGS,, etc. Your lead-in on Las Vegas was outstanding. The company paint scheme is very, very good (saw one of your aircraft in the GIFs). I'm looking forward to working with you in the future.

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