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Category I Trainer

The Aim of the Westwind Training Center is to provide you with a type rating for each category of aircraft you fly. At the end of the training, you will take a Virtual Check Flight which will allow you to take what you have learnt, and put it into an operations environment.

As you can well imagine, pilots who attend the WestWind Training Center have a broad range of experience. As such, we have set a fairly low level of assumed knowledge. If you have read the Flight Simulator handbook, then you will meet the required assumed knowledge.

The Training Team

Sean McConnell, Chief Pilot & Chief Administrative Officer

Our Aims


Aviation Charts, 101

Ever wondered about getting some Maps and Charts for Flight Sim. This page should answer some of your questions about what you need, what is available, and where to lay your hands on some.

A Charted Page:

WestWind Denver Training Center (DENT)- Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport (KBJC)

The Westwind Training Center (DENT) is located at the Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport (KBJC) on the West Ramp. Our facilities include a modern pilotís lounge with multiple briefing rooms, a hangar large enough to store our entire fleet of training aircraft and includes shuttle bus service to our Academic and Simulator Center DENT-SIM located across the street from the airport property.

KBJC offers WestWind pilots challenging high altitude operations with plains to the east and plenty of complex mountainous terrain to the west all encompassed close to the Denver Class B airspace. With two ILS, two RNAV and a VOR approach and multiple DPs and STARs in and out of the local Denver area KBJC also offers plenty for the instrument pilot. All of this with the cozy atmosphere of a regional airport.

Join us for a post flight libation in "The Closet"

After a hard day in the air, or on the ground, come by The Closet -- WestWind's official pub -- for a cool drink and some lively hangar talk. The Closet has been around as long as WestWind airlines, and has followed us from our original head office in Houston then to Charleston, and finally to Denver. We'll see you there.

WTC Instructors

Some important things to remember when dealing with your WestWind Traing Center Instructor…

WTC Instructors: A practical guide.

The Pilot's Prayer

A special Prayer that comes in handy when one has done the wrong thing in controlled airspace.

The Pilot's Prayer: There is nothing else to say, just read it.

Thrill Rides

Once you have completed your type rating, you need to fly a Virtual Check Flight. Select the link below to see what our Check and Training staff have in store for you…

Check Flights: How much have you learnt?

The Official Part

When you have finished your training, please select the link below and fill out the training completion form.

I've Finished: The final step in your training, The Training Completion Form (for CAT II and above). New pilots check in here.

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