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Getting the Most out of your Training Experience

Last Updated March 14, 2006

Hello Everyone!

Now that the move to Denver is complete, we can offer some tips to help you get the most out of your visits to the WTC. If you are a FS2000 users and have a low-end computer, use the default KDEN scenery and pick any building to begin your flights. Remember that your training is based on flying the WestWind Airliners, so don’t feel "left out" of the fun just because you don’t have all that "eye candy".

For all users...

Pilots using the Default scenery in FS2000 will find that the aprons and taxiways are missing. A fix file has been published and can be found at The file name is (Thanks to Andrew Wheeler, Director of Aircraft & Scenery, for this tip he posted on the WestWind Forum) FS2002 users can use the default Denver scenery and add the WestWind Terminal and Gates.  (See below)

Once we are at Denver International Airport it would be nice to have some plates to show us the Airport layout, DP’S (Departure Procedures), STARS (Standard Arrivals) and IAP’S (Initial Approach Procedures) for the runways at KDEN. These can be found at

For FS2000 users with high-end computers...

Custom Denver Scenery plus WestWind Terminal and Gates

Terrain Mesh

Custom Texture

For FS2002 users...

WestWind Terminal and Gates

Custom Denver Scenery...

The first option (for high end computer users) is to select a good "Denver International Airport Scenery add-on". There are a few to choose from but (to get you started) you might consider Gary Widup’s excellent Denver International Airport Scenery for FS2000 (screen capture above) that can be found at: and search for the name of the file is:

The second option is to add the WestWind custom terminal and gates to your scenery. Click here to find out how to do this.

The "Rockies" are beautiful to look at anytime of the year but in my opinion, the winter textures are the best. In view of this (sorry for the pun), there are two downloads that you might consider. They are Mesh Scenery and Lennart’s Textures. We will talk about them in that order.

Terrain Mesh...

What is "Mesh Scenery"? The answer is that some very creative third party developers have been able to take the elevation data from US government sources and put that unto MS Flight Sim. What this means is that you have a correct virtual mountain where the real one is. If you are flying around the Rockies, this is a wonderful thing to look at. There are several third party developers that had done this for various parts of the world but (again to get you started) you might consider Eddie Denney’s "Colorado Terrain Mesh Scenery"

Found at:

The Name of the File is:

Custom Textures...

Lennart’s Textures are just about the finest add-on to be found on the net. He has given us not only the four seasons but different night textures as well. To download the whole offering is a considerable effort. What I have done is download just the season it is and wait until the next real season to download again.

Lennart’s Textures can be found at:

Please note that all the references mentioned in this post are FREE for the download. Also, please note that WestWind is not required to offer help in these downloads but we will try and help you out if YOU POST YOUR QUESTION ON THE WESTWIND FORUM ONLY.

A Final Word...

Ok, that is about all that we can pass on to you. There is one thing more. In the real world to get a Type Rating you must perform, for the FAA, the maneuvers that are outlined in the Training Type Rating plus The Emergency Series that are included in the Advance Flight Training. For those pilots who want it "as real as it gets" you might want to add the two during your stay at the WTC. Please remember that all of your hours spent at the WTC count in your Log Book for advancement to the next Category Rating.

Questions? Contact Ed Ward Jr. Executive Vice President, Chief Pilot, Head of Training.

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