WTC's "Closet"

Post-Flight Libation


Internal View of "The Closet"  

A Place to go where someone will always listen..


"Bartender - pour me a cold one!"

"Hey- watch the foam!"

   Drawing by Sean "Crash" Reilly

Welcome to The Closet!                                                                                     Animation & Photography Copyright 2000 Nile Sprague




How The Closet got its name...

The name of this quaint little pub was derived from a pilot's tour of the facilities gone awry. Sean "Capt'n Crash" Reilly, one of the founders of this very airline, had gone to the Houston Training Center, prior to the training center's move to Denver, to brush up on his flying skills (which, by his nickname, you know is something he needs to do frequently). After his long and tedious training flight, Crash decided to take a self-guided tour of the facilities. This veteran pilot was quite impressed with the facilities -- especially the pub.

He wandered around and soon found himself inside a darkish room with several counters. Noticing a few bottles of liquor on one of the counters, Crash thought aloud, "Hey, they got the pub finished! I sure could use a drink."

Just then, a uniformed gentleman joined Crash and asked, "Can I help you with something?"

"Sure," Crash replied, "I'd like a martini...shaken, not stirred."

The uniformed gentleman was eager to please and proceeded to create the gin concoction. After a couple of rounds, Crash started rambling on about flying, WestWind, and the like.

Finally, the uniformed gentleman quietly interrupted, "Hey...I have no idea what the heck you are talking about. I'm just a janitor here and you, sir, are in my supply closet!"

Word of this incident spread throughout WWAL's personnel who, after a rough day in the big blue, often now comment about the need to visit "The Closet".

So we made the closet a reality (and brought it with us when we moved to Charleston and then to Denver!). So come in, take a load off, enjoy some great music, and have a couple of drinks. By the way, did we mention that drinks are free to training pilots? 10 drink maximum please. We do have to work sometime -- even in the virtual world?

You can now find a whole new Closet section in the NEW WWA FORUMS

Will someone please let "Capt'n Crash" out of the supply closet now?


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