WTC - Initial Training

Bombardier CRJ-200/700 Cat I Check Flight

The Check Flight:

Welcome to the final stage of your Initial Training. As was mentioned earlier, this is a Virtual Check Flight.

You are just about ready to start you career as a virtual WestWind Captain. All that is left is completion of the Initial Category One check flight / check ride and to fill out the remaining paperwork. You are to be congratulated for passing your phase checks that have got you to this point. The basic idea of this virtual check ride is to fly your category one airliner from Rapid City, SD to Denver, Colorado (USA). This will be a revenue flight and you will have all the passenger seats filled. Your flying must be up to airline standards and your First Officer will be your virtual Check Captain.

The check ride that you will shortly be launching into is a fairly simple flight from Rapid City, South Dakota to Denver International in Colorado. You will need to take some time to study the flight plan that has already been created for this flight so that you have some idea of the exact route you will be flying.

You will be asked to provide radio frequencies for the first center frequency and the Denver Tower frequency to complete the process. It is important that you record these frequencies during the flight to have them when you are finished.

The Route:

The exact route is from: Rapid City, SD (KRAP), to the Whitney Chadron NDB(HIN), to the Scottsbluff VORTAC (BFF), to the Gill VORTAC (GLL) to Denver International Airport (KDEN).

The flight is to be conducted at Flight Level 250 and precise ATC instructions are to be followed.

Please Click here to view a copy of the Flight Plan.

The Flight:

You have the option of any ONE of the following:

  1. You may complete the FSX Mission "WestWind Cat 1 Checkride". Click here to download the mission installer.
  2. You may fly the Check Ride offline using either the default FSX (or FS2004) GPS (high altitude airways located within the Flight Planner option, within Flight Simulator). Additionally, you can use any other means that will get you from Rapid City to Denver, as long as it follows the published Flight Plan Route (see above). Whatever method you use, it must include an ATC function in order for you to answer the final exam questions. If using Flight Simulator's default GPS / ATC, pilots are expected to use good judgment to insure a safe flight.
  3. You may fly the check ride online on VATSIM using the callsign WWACHECK. You are encouraged to complete your check ride while a controller for Denver Center (ZDV) is online, however we recognize that ATC may not always be available on VATSIM, so this is not a strict requirement.

The Questions:

At the conclusion of the flight, you will be eligible to apply for a job with WestWind Airlines. On the application form there is set of questions we will use to verify that you completed your check ride.


The questions on the application form for offline check flights are:

  1. What is the first Center Frequency (in KHz)?
  2. What is the Denver Tower Frequency (in KHz)?

The Conclusion:

Once you complete the Check Flight, you will be well on your way to becoming a virtual WestWind Airline Captain. You will need to fill out an application form to become a Category I pilot with WestWind Airlines and receive your pilot number. You can click here to be warped to this page.

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