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Advanced Pilot Training

The purpose of offering Advance Pilot Training, to our WestWind Captains, is to provide supplemental education that may not be found within your current version of Microsoft Flight Simulator. The Advance Pilot Training program can offer you aeronautical theory as well as real life lessons learned by our contributing pilots and aviation educators. Please remember to leave a critique after you have completed each lesson. Through your feedback, we can improve the Advance Pilot Training Program for future WestWind, VA Captains.

Meet Ken Goodpaster…

Ken has been involved with painting aircraft, developing scenery training modules and working flight dynamics since FS 5.1. He has previously served on the Executive Committee and as our Vice President of Training and Chief Flight Instructor.

Ken is a current FAA Certified Flight Instructor Airplane Multi-engine Land and Certified Flight Instructor Instrument working for a major flight training corporation. Ken specializes in King Air instruction. He also holds FAA Commercial Pilot certificate with ratings in both airplanes and helicopters and is a trained International Captain with multiple Atlantic and Pacific crossings in the King Air. Ken has over 2,500 hours of flying experience and recently retired from the U.S. Army as a Lieutenant Colonel. His 24 years of service included Special Reconnaissance Operations over Korea, Standardization Instructor Pilot for C-12s, Director of Flight Operations for the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, Egypt and multiple other command and staff billets. His many award and decorations includes Master Army Aviator Wings and the Bronze Star. Ken also holds a Bachelors Degree from Northwestern State University in Aviation Science and is a Graduate of the Command and Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, KS (Masters equivalent.)

Meet Ed Turner,Jr…

Ed is a long-time WestWind pilot dating back to 1996. As one of our most active members. Ed has served as Vice President, Pilot Programs and as Hub Manager in Atlanta where he has been known to "spices things up" by sharing his knowledge and frequently quizzing his pilots on various aspects of aviation.

Ed's real world flying experience includes ground school and ongoing lessons in the Cessna 172, the Piper Cherokee and the Baron Twin 58. Admittedly, Ed says: "Everything I learned about flying, other than jumping with the elite 82nd Airborne during the Korean War , I learned from WestWind Airlines". Ed's real world career was that of Chief Engineer for Simon Corp, where he oversaw the design and operation, or submitted design changes for the construction and operation of power plants at various shopping malls and office towers throughout the country.. His latest projects before retirement were St Louis Centre, and Mall of America in Bloomington, MN. In addition, Ed is also a retired Police Sgt. His military career included: US Air Force Reserve, US Marines Reserve, US Army Reserves, US army 82nd Airborne/Special Ops, US Navy Seabee/UD, US Navy Boiler Technician and US Navy Reserves Instructor.

Meet Ed Ward,Jr

Ed Ward was previously Chief Pilot & Executive Vice President of Training. Ed shared his knowledge and experience with us and with his background in aviation, it is considerable!

Ed is a retired international Line Captain for a major firm and has flown in excess of 7000 high performance jet hours along with 3000 hours in most of the general aviation light piston aircraft. He holds an ATP (Airline Transport Pilots License) and is typed rated in the Cessna Citation, IAI Westwind and Astra corporate jets. He also has logged time as a Gulfstream II corporate jet First Officer. Ed holds a current Certified Flight Instructor's license with Instrument and Multi Engine endorsements. Also, he has obtained an Airframe and Powerplant License with an Inspector Authorization. Ed is a former US Marine Corps Captain and lives in the US in the state of Virginia. Ed is a graduate of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, with a Master's Degree in Education

Advanced Training Programs

Please select from one of the options below for more information.

  1. Emergencies - Dealing with Emergencies both on the ground and in the air. Hang on for a wild ride.
  2. International Flights - A step by step guide to flying from New York to London, across the North Atlantic.
  3. The Stabilized Approach - The ultimate way to arrive. Impress both co-pilot, passengers and cabin crew.
    **Cliff Notes** An abbreviated version for quick study or reference.
  4. Wake Turbulence - "Captain Ed" explains all about Wake Turbulence and Wing Tip Vortices.
    **Cliff Notes** An abbreviated version for quick study or reference.
  5. Living with "I.S.A." and the "Three Cruises" - High altitude flying and three ways to fly an airliner in cruise flight.
  6. Flying the Cabin - "Captain Ed" explains all about cabin pressurization.
  7. More About Turboprops - Captain Ken G. provides "basic" lessons on the B1900 turboprop and propellers.
  8. Advanced FS Techniques Part 1 - Ed Turner, Jr. begin his series of lessons with "Recovering From a Bad Attitude"
  9. Advanced FS Techniques Part 2 - Ed Turner, Jr's second lesson explains "Airway Flying".
  10. Advanced FS Techniques Part 3 - The series continues with Ed Turner, Jr's third installment: "Flying the Checkerboard Approach".
  11. Advanced FS Techniques Part 4 - The forth installment is titled "What are those lights/What do they mean?
    **Cliff Notes** An abbreviated version for quick study or reference.
  12. Advanced FS Techniques Part 5 - "Advanced Takeoff and Landing Techniques" is the subject of Ed Turner, Jr's fifth installment.
  13. Air Transport Future - Ed Ward, Jr. scored an "A" in graduate school for this Power Point Presentation, which he agreed to share with us. Thanks Ed and congratulations!
  14. Fuel Management - Ken G. shares a lesson he worked on while in training for his ATP (Airline Transport Pilots License). Thanks Ken!
  15. Advanced FS Techniques Part 6 - Ed Turner, Jr's sixth lesson teaches us about aircraft performance as determined by weight and balance.
  16. Putting Checklists In Their Place - A research paper by Ed Ward, Jr. from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, where Ed is a graduate student. Thanks again for sharing Ed!
  17. More International Flight Planning - Ken G shares some lessons learned while attending a formal course on instruction on International Flight Planning.


If you want to discuss any of these training lessons with other WestWind Captains please remember we have a very active WestWind Discussion and Tech Support forum.

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