New Pilot Welcome Page

Congratulations on passing your WestWind training!

This page is designed to help welcome you to the WestWind Airlines World.

Please bear in mind that WestWind Airlines requires a minimum of one Pilot Report (PIREP) each month. If not received you will be automatically dropped from the active pilot roster.

A New Pilot "Frequently Asked Questions Sheet" immediately follows this notice.

Following is a summary of how WestWind Airlines operates:

WestWind Airlines has worked hard to automate many of the basic administrative tasks that are required to keep an airline like ours running.  This structure is designed to reduce the workload of both you the pilot, and our dedicated management team.   This allows us all to do more flying and provides increased opportunities to broaden our flight sim experiences and to become more involved in the airline.

Here are the WestWind goals:

The basic premise of these changes is to broaden the appeal of WestWind Airlines by providing various flight experiences to all Flight Simulator pilots. If a pilot wants to fly just Cargo, then he flies just Cargo; if a pilot wants to fly just Charters, then he flies just Charters. Our passenger Ops will remain structured.

All pilots can fly Passenger flights (at the appropriate rank), Charter flights or Cargo flights - all hours count toward Category promotion. There is no minimum requirement on the number of passenger flights to be flown before pilots can fly Charter or Cargo (flights).

Pilots will report their TOTAL WestWind Airlines flight time at least once a month, but more often if you wish.  Upon reaching the next promotion threshold, you report for upgrade training at the WestWind Airlines training center.  Once you are a Cat V pilot, there is no need to complete additional training, and you will be promoted solely based on your flight time.

To bolster the sense of community, on a regular basis WestWind Airlines will organize fly-in's at locations all over the world.  Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the notices about our next fly-in.  We also have a gathering place where you can ask questions or just share a recent flight experience.  We are a friendly group, so stop by the WestWind Forum regularly.

We hope you enjoy your time with WestWind airlines and we are always open to new suggestions and ideas.

Please follow the link here to the page in our Welcome system, New Pilot FAQ's.

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