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$59 Introductory Flight!

Last Updated September 05, 2006

From the incredible feedback and numerous e-mails we've received from many who surfed our web site and from the very high percentage of the WWAL Pilot Applications received, it is abundantly clear that a large number of our virtual pilots have SERIOUS interest in learning to fly in the non-virtual world.

$59 Introductory Flight!!!

"Stop Dreaming-Start Flying/Be A Pilot" is a promotional campaign in magazines and on cable television. The campaign encourages readers/viewers to return a special coupon (or call an 800 number to receive that coupon) entitling them to an introductory flight lesson at one of more than 6,000 participating flight schools across the US -- for only $49. A bargain! One million of these coupons will be distributed by the end of the campaign. All you'll need to do is book your introductory flight with one of these participating flight schools, present this coupon and you're off!

While on a business trip to D.C. in 1997, WestWind's Founder, Sean "Crash" Reilly met with Jennifer Seaman, Program Manager of GA Team 2000, and agreed to promote "Be A Pilot" at WestWind's Web Site.

Another WWAL first...

WestWind Airlines is the FIRST (and so far, the ONLY) virtual airline that has pledged its full support of the  "Be A Pilot" Campaign.

If you ever dreamed of flying in the True Blue, don't miss this outstanding opportunity! As the campaign slogan says... "Stop Dreaming - Start Flying!"

YES! I Want That Special Introductory Flight Coupon...

To receive the $59 Introductory Flight Coupon, please Click on the logo below to warp to the "Be A Pilot" Web site.


If you'd rather, you can also request the $59 introductory flight coupon by calling (toll-free):



After you take the introductory flight, complete the form below and let us know how it went. You will officially become a member of the exclusive WestWind Be A Pilot Club. Your comments will be posted on the
True Blue - Be A Pilot Club page. Let everyone know how much fun you had!

Yes! I just took the $59 Introductory Flight as a result of the "Be A Pilot" Promotion.

Please add my name to WWAL's "Be A Pilot" True Blue Club. Fill out all information (accurately) below. Be sure to include Flight School, City and State.

Please send all this info via e-mail to Steve Canham.

Your name:
Your WestWind Pilot Number:
Your e-mail:
Your age:
Flight School you flew with:
Flight School location (City, State):
Your instructor's name:
Aircraft type/ model you flew:
Will you continue with lessons at this time?

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