Pilot Promotion Scale

Here's valuable information on how to climb to the top of WWAL's virtual corporate ladder.

NOTAM: Promotions to Category II, III, IV and V are not automatic based on hours logged. You must report to the WestWind Training Center for Transition Training and complete the necessary steps including the Completion Form.

Here's the promotion scale currently in use by WestWind Airlines:

Hours Attained Aircraft Category
0-15 hours Category I
15-50 hours Category II
50-100 hours Category III
100-200 hours Category IV
200+ hours Category V
300+ hours Senior Captain*
500+ hours Command Captain*
1000+ hours Senior Command Captain*,**

* Promotion to these categories will occur automatically when you have the requisite hours.

** Senior Command Captains will be awarded a "milestone" indicator for each additional 500 hours logged beyond 1000 hours. Ratings will be displayed as "Senior Command Captain+N", where N is the number of 500 hour milestones reached.

For a list of which aircraft in the WestWind Fleet correspond to which categories, please visit our Aircraft Hangar.

How Airtime Credit Is Earned…

This table lists the four types of flight time that will be eligible to be counted towards promotions.

Training Flights All hours spent at the WestWind Training Center, including time logged for virtual check flights, count in your logbook for advancement to the next category.
Regular Passenger Operations Routes All time spent on regularly scheduled routes will count for promotion.
Cargo Flights Total flight time accumulated flying WestWind Air Cargo Service routes will count toward promotion.
Charter Flights All time flying charters listed on Executive Charter Division page count for promotion. Fly aircraft specified in the charter.


WestWind hours may be logged only when flying official WestWind aircraft that are in our hangar. To encourage pilots to join the WestWind test pilot program, hours flown during approved testing of new aircraft being considered by WestWind may be logged. Aircraft must be approved by WestWind's Vice President of Aircraft and Scenery or WestWind's Chief Pilot prior to official testing. Contact Ed Ward, Jr., Chief Pilot, if you would like to become a test pilot.

Simulation Speed

It is suggested that WestWind Pilots conduct their operations at Normal or 1x simulation rate.  However when engaged on long Oceanic or Trans Continental flights, pilots may use a higher simulation rate.  Any time spent at a higher Simulation Rate may only be logged at Real Time. (That is to say, if you spend 1 hour flying a 2x Simulation Speed, you may log 1 hour only.)

Pilots are encouraged to fly at the normal Simulation Rate as this will help keep your flights as real as they possibly can be.

Questions? Contact Ed Ward, Jr., Executive Vice President, Chief Pilot, Head of Training.

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