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This Roster is automatically updated when you file your PIREP.

If your name no longer appears on the Roster, it means that you have not filed a PIREP in the last 2 months. Please file a PIREP and your name and updated information will appear here. We do not purge pilots from the internal database unless they have been inactive for over a year or more.

If you cannot remember your pilot number, contact your hub manager with your full name and approximately the last time you filed a PIREP.

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Pilot # Pilot Name Hub Hours Rating Awards Last PIREP Status Comments
WWA57 Mark Chapel CYYC 11,746.1 Senior Command Captain+21 5/19/2017 Active  
WWA853 César Puente CYYC 1,802.7 Senior Command Captain+1 5/22/2017 Active  
WWA1585 Jeffrey Evans CYYC 317.7 Senior Captain 5/22/2017 Active Comments
WWA1916 Karl Nieberlein CYYC 5,498.1 Senior Command Captain+8 5/16/2017 Active  
WWA2257 Scott Clifford CYYC 5,696.0 Senior Command Captain+9 5/22/2017 Active  
WWA2536 Rick Erricson CYYC 1,378.1 Senior Command Captain 5/21/2017 Active  
WWA2660 Scott Robinson CYYC 2,204.1 Senior Command Captain+2 5/21/2017 Active Comments
WWA2894 Ron Oines CYYC 8,898.3 Senior Command Captain+15 5/24/2017 Active  
WWA3032 Derek Squire CYYC 720.9 Command Captain 5/14/2017 Active Comments
WWA3165 Randy Peppler CYYC 255.5 Cat V 1/3/2016 LOA  
WWA3185 John Good CYYC 722.7 Command Captain 5/21/2017 Active Comments
WWA3235 Peter Marzlin CYYC 1,302.1 Senior Command Captain 5/22/2017 Active Comments
WWA3311 Gerald Spiers CYYC 770.4 Command Captain 4/1/2017 Active  
WWA659 Sean McConnell CYYZ 811.3 Command Captain 5/10/2017 Active Comments
WWA752 Ian Crawford CYYZ 5,926.3 Senior Command Captain+9 5/22/2017 Active  
WWA2228 Burton Dykeman CYYZ 141.3 Cat IV 5/10/2017 Active Comments
WWA2510 George Deckert CYYZ 355.0 Senior Captain 5/17/2017 Active  
WWA2610 Joe Gay CYYZ 724.9 Command Captain 5/20/2017 Active  
WWA3488 Hayden Stroh CYYZ 281.3 Cat V 5/17/2017 Active  
WWA33 Hans Nagelkerke EDDF 2,255.2 Senior Command Captain+2 5/21/2017 Active Comments
WWA71 Malcolm Meyer EDDF 7,655.0 Senior Command Captain+13 5/23/2017 Active  
WWA418 Dominik Hofsaess EDDF 2,917.8 Senior Command Captain+3 4/28/2017 Active  
WWA1897 Shane McMahon EDDF 29.0 Cat II 4/1/2017 Active  
WWA2463 Christoph Rieger EDDF 1,069.7 Senior Command Captain 5/16/2017 Active  
WWA2512 Shaun Slade EDDF 2,718.2 Senior Command Captain+3 4/26/2017 Active  
WWA2705 Konstantinos Zagganas EDDF 1,755.6 Senior Command Captain+1 6/18/2014 LOA Comments
WWA2106 Patrick Conner EGLL 1,873.5 Senior Command Captain+1 5/23/2017 Active  
WWA2395 Ken Rotker EGLL 1,913.9 Senior Command Captain+1 5/20/2017 Active Comments
WWA2830 Pierre Maré EGLL 641.6 Command Captain 5/5/2017 Active Comments
WWA3077 Martin Taylor EGLL 2,564.5 Senior Command Captain+3 5/21/2017 Active Comments
WWA3177 Bryan Sutherland EGLL 1,176.9 Senior Command Captain 5/23/2017 Active  
WWA3276 Kenneth Sweeney EGLL 418.9 Senior Captain 5/10/2017 Active  
WWA3347 Monte Gird EGLL 350.3 Senior Captain 5/20/2017 Active  
WWA3367 David Ajie EGLL 1,467.7 Senior Command Captain 5/23/2017 Active  
WWA278 Nuno Miguel Alves EHAM 2,711.0 Senior Command Captain+3 1/1/2006 LOA  
WWA1767 Erik Karlsen EHAM 308.6 Senior Captain 5/21/2017 Active  
WWA2671 Leo de Haan EHAM 2,133.4 Senior Command Captain+2 5/17/2017 Active  
WWA2881 Raif Kalesic EHAM 3,278.3 Senior Command Captain+4 5/22/2017 Active  
WWA3545 Yuki Murayama EHAM 3.0 Cat I 4/19/2017 Active  
WWA107 Allen Stallbaumer KATL 4,831.4 Senior Command Captain+7 5/23/2017 Active  
WWA1369 Tony Lyons KATL 1,794.5 Senior Command Captain+1 5/21/2017 Active  
WWA1698 Bill Peterson KATL 2,822.6 Senior Command Captain+3 4/19/2017 Active Comments
WWA1901 Mitch Worthington KATL 2,346.8 Senior Command Captain+2 5/8/2017 Active Comments
WWA2741 Dwayne White KATL 2,348.8 Senior Command Captain+2 5/23/2017 Active Comments
WWA3328 James Magin KATL 1,315.6 Senior Command Captain 5/19/2017 Active  
WWA3335 Chris Gerhardstein KATL 724.6 Command Captain 5/21/2017 Active  
WWA3342 Bill McCaw KATL 738.6 Command Captain 4/25/2017 Active  
WWA3487 Michael Simpson KATL 364.8 Senior Captain 4/22/2017 Active  
WWA152 Nick Johnston KCVG 2,373.3 Senior Command Captain+2 4/7/2017 Active  
WWA215 Tim Maleski KCVG 3,140.2 Senior Command Captain+4 5/21/2017 Active  
WWA230 Bob Sturm KCVG 2,883.5 Senior Command Captain+3 5/20/2017 Active  
WWA319 James L. Dean KCVG 1,652.6 Senior Command Captain+1 5/20/2017 Active Comments
WWA944 William Taylor KCVG 1,748.2 Senior Command Captain+1 5/22/2017 Active  
WWA981 Jay Fulton KCVG 1,454.0 Senior Command Captain 4/22/2017 Active  
WWA2568 Jesse Olsen KCVG 384.3 Senior Captain 6/24/2013 LOA  
WWA2681 Tom Wesche KCVG 759.6 Command Captain 5/8/2017 Active Comments
WWA2683 Edward Harper KCVG 3,682.8 Senior Command Captain+5 5/23/2017 Active  
WWA2969 Alan Morris KCVG 2,177.2 Senior Command Captain+2 5/21/2017 Active Comments
WWA3209 Timothy Essex KCVG 2,721.5 Senior Command Captain+3 5/23/2017 Active  
WWA3314 David Reason KCVG 1,799.4 Senior Command Captain+1 5/17/2017 Active Comments
WWA3533 Stephen Newby KCVG 109.0 Cat IV 5/23/2017 Active  
WWA11 Steve Canham KDEN 3,649.1 Senior Command Captain+5 5/22/2017 Active  
WWA149 Sam Fragala KDEN 4,354.0 Senior Command Captain+6 4/24/2017 Active  
WWA1108 Brian Mills KDEN 2,228.7 Senior Command Captain+2 5/4/2017 Active Comments
WWA1745 Bill McCoy KDEN 1,549.2 Senior Command Captain+1 5/16/2017 Active  
WWA2195 Rudy Sanchez KDEN 1,447.3 Senior Command Captain 4/19/2017 Active  
WWA2343 Allen Daly KDEN 81.4 Cat III 5/15/2017 Active Comments
WWA2866 Raye Johnson KDEN 3,028.0 Senior Command Captain+4 5/22/2017 Active  
WWA2989 Kevin Devlin KDEN 574.0 Command Captain 3/27/2017 Active  
WWA3238 Doug Phelps KDEN 909.2 Command Captain 5/21/2017 Active  
WWA3383 Stephen Myers KDEN 172.8 Cat IV 4/22/2017 Active  
WWA3427 Anthony Hansel KDEN 725.7 Command Captain 5/16/2017 Active  
WWA3540 Eddie Rodriguez KDEN 58.8 Cat III 5/16/2017 Active  
WWA3541 Doug Jackfert KDEN 147.8 Cat IV 5/18/2017 Active  
WWA3546 Matthew Jaeger KDEN 3.0 Cat I 4/27/2017 Active Comments
WWA682 Danny Davis KDFW 2,385.7 Senior Command Captain+2 5/20/2017 Active  
WWA1332 Joe Alley KDFW 2,205.6 Senior Command Captain+2 5/2/2017 Active  
WWA1494 L.N. Yarbrough KDFW 1,897.4 Senior Command Captain+1 5/22/2017 Active Comments
WWA3030 Jacques KDFW 1,067.0 Senior Command Captain 3/14/2017 LOA  
WWA3087 Thierry Weber KDFW 1,734.5 Senior Command Captain+1 5/23/2017 Active  
WWA3120 Truman Dmith KDFW 2,297.4 Senior Command Captain+2 5/12/2017 Active Comments
WWA3381 Mike Jones KDFW 625.9 Command Captain 5/22/2017 Active  
WWA3382 Chris Trott KDFW 1,027.2 Senior Command Captain 5/12/2017 Active  
WWA3516 Jimmy Phillips KDFW 354.5 Senior Captain 5/21/2017 Active Comments
WWA7 Alan Simpson KIAD 3,369.8 Senior Command Captain+4 4/16/2017 Active  
WWA1996 Tony Yonek KIAD 3,651.9 Senior Command Captain+5 4/13/2017 Active Comments
WWA2432 Daniel MacArthur KIAD 3,399.6 Senior Command Captain+4 5/23/2017 Active  
WWA2527 John Condon KIAD 767.6 Command Captain 5/14/2017 Active Comments
WWA2799 Derek Gordon KIAD 295.8 Cat V 4/17/2017 Active Comments
WWA3097 Jay Brown KIAD 1,023.9 Senior Command Captain 4/9/2017 Active  
WWA3370 Jason Weaver KIAD 406.7 Senior Captain 5/16/2017 Active  
WWA157 Mark H. Peters KJFK 881.1 Senior Command Captain 4/1/2017 Active  
WWA1328 Steve Bunker KJFK 1,438.5 Senior Command Captain 5/14/2017 Active  
WWA1750 Paul Williamson KJFK 6,669.7 Senior Command Captain+11 5/23/2017 Active  
WWA2482 Mike Spina KJFK 2,585.2 Senior Command Captain+3 5/21/2017 Active  
WWA2655 Paul Underwood KJFK 8,764.5 Senior Command Captain+15 5/22/2017 Active Comments
WWA2752 Maratib Ali KJFK 3,116.3 Senior Command Captain+4 4/13/2017 Active  
WWA2971 Paul Reitman KJFK 2,830.5 Senior Command Captain+3 4/29/2017 Active Comments
WWA633 Lou Syracuse KLAX 1,296.2 Senior Command Captain 1/15/2015 LOA  
WWA756 Joe Werner KLAX 3,098.9 Senior Command Captain+4 4/8/2017 Active Comments
WWA1382 Dan Ward KLAX 2,441.6 Senior Command Captain+2 5/23/2017 Active Comments
WWA1736 Anthony Miller KLAX 2,877.5 Senior Command Captain+3 5/21/2017 Active Comments
WWA1810 Michael Schinler KLAX 759.0 Command Captain 5/21/2017 Active  
WWA1993 Donald McCormick KLAX 1,511.9 Senior Command Captain+1 5/22/2017 Active  
WWA2548 Richard Anger KLAX 555.5 Command Captain 5/2/2017 Active  
WWA2586 Thomas Murphy KLAX 3,461.4 Senior Command Captain+4 5/11/2017 Active  
WWA2775 Antonio Almira Picazo KLAX 27.3 Cat II 4/25/2017 Active  
WWA3306 Gregory McGruder KLAX 92.8 Cat III 7/25/2015 LOA  
WWA3474 Bryan McKee KLAX 3.0 Cat I 4/22/2015 LOA Comments
WWA3480 Mark Kusiak KLAX 1,044.4 Senior Command Captain 5/23/2017 Active Comments
WWA3493 Hunter Nichols KLAX 41.2 Cat II 5/7/2017 Active Comments
WWA64 Jim Boerman KMIA 12,556.2 Senior Command Captain+23 5/20/2017 Active Comments
WWA209 Ronald A. Henderson KMIA 1,550.0 Senior Command Captain+1 5/21/2017 Active  
WWA802 Mike Harrison KMIA 633.1 Command Captain 4/30/2017 Active  
WWA1404 Scott D. Williams KMIA 3,231.8 Senior Command Captain+4 5/23/2017 Active Comments
WWA1735 Ken Snyder KMIA 3,315.5 Senior Command Captain+4 5/14/2017 Active  
WWA1887 Matt M. KMIA 2,710.9 Senior Command Captain+3 3/28/2017 Active Comments
WWA2129 Duane Wible KMIA 2,832.9 Senior Command Captain+3 5/17/2017 Active  
WWA2293 John Oddo KMIA 5,333.0 Senior Command Captain+8 5/22/2017 Active  
WWA2344 Alexei Yarlykov KMIA 889.6 Command Captain 5/1/2017 Active  
WWA3105 Bob Armer KMIA 1,955.3 Senior Command Captain+1 5/19/2017 Active Comments
WWA3229 Nicholas Baker KMIA 2,141.1 Senior Command Captain+2 4/23/2017 Active  
WWA3290 Paul Steele KMIA 2,253.0 Senior Command Captain+2 5/10/2017 Active  
WWA3317 Phillip Tucker KMIA 5,079.0 Senior Command Captain+8 5/20/2017 Active Comments
WWA3477 Vincent Simmons KMIA 911.3 Command Captain 5/22/2017 Active  
WWA61 Frank Chiaravalle KORD 1,872.8 Senior Command Captain+1 5/1/2017 Active  
WWA1033 Bill Ienatsch KORD 4,759.5 Senior Command Captain+7 5/23/2017 Active  
WWA1116 Vince Storelli KORD 432.2 Senior Captain 4/29/2017 Active Comments
WWA1142 Braden Vonderau KORD 2,581.7 Senior Command Captain+3 4/30/2017 Active  
WWA1582 Michael Newell KORD 2,603.0 Senior Command Captain+3 4/29/2017 Active  
WWA2718 Hector Mendez KORD 1,793.6 Senior Command Captain+1 5/9/2017 Active  
WWA3014 Christopher Kutzler KORD 291.6 Cat IV 4/22/2017 Active Comments
WWA3130 Nick Kamar KORD 251.9 Cat V 5/14/2017 Active  
WWA3320 Scott Putnam KORD 190.7 Cat IV 4/20/2017 Active Comments
WWA3461 Jim Gesell KORD 1,063.6 Senior Command Captain 5/12/2017 Active Comments
WWA3520 Erik Godbey KORD 36.9 Cat II 4/20/2017 Active Comments
WWA3538 Joel Wolk KORD 53.2 Cat III 5/23/2017 Active Comments
WWA166 Donald Stimson KSEA 1,453.2 Senior Command Captain 5/21/2017 Active  
WWA201 Darrel Zuke KSEA 4,309.7 Senior Command Captain+6 5/21/2017 Active Comments
WWA275 Allen L. Daffern KSEA 3,868.6 Senior Command Captain+5 5/7/2017 Active  
WWA1111 Travis Iversen KSEA 1,861.6 Senior Command Captain+1 5/11/2017 Active  
WWA1239 Eric Nielsen KSEA 2,005.5 Senior Command Captain+2 4/25/2017 Active Comments
WWA2244 Erwin Michael KSEA 5,948.6 Senior Command Captain+9 5/21/2017 Active  
WWA2260 Steve Gempler KSEA 1,196.8 Senior Command Captain 5/13/2017 Active  
WWA2314 Hugo Laporte KSEA 2,665.1 Senior Command Captain+3 5/11/2017 Active  
WWA2477 Michael Mondragon KSEA 3,596.4 Senior Command Captain+5 5/5/2017 Active Comments
WWA2592 Steve Couch KSEA 781.9 Command Captain 5/15/2017 Active  
WWA2691 Mike Osburn KSEA 2,397.4 Senior Command Captain+2 5/23/2017 Active Comments
WWA2986 Keoni Goss KSEA 1,439.6 Senior Command Captain 5/22/2017 Active  
WWA3547 Benjamin Clay KSEA 5.0 Cat I 5/15/2017 Active  
WWA3548 MohD Qaid KSEA 3.0 Cat I 5/21/2017 Active  
WWA136 Vic Alesi KSFO 4,826.6 Senior Command Captain+7 4/28/2017 Active  
WWA299 Eugene Chase Jr KSFO 1,782.7 Senior Command Captain+1 5/23/2017 Active  
WWA1055 Nathaniel Miller KSFO 5,191.9 Senior Command Captain+8 4/23/2017 Active Comments
WWA1850 Pedro Martinez KSFO 1,282.8 Senior Command Captain 4/21/2017 Active  
WWA2183 Bentley Skibell KSFO 230.1 Cat V 5/6/2017 Active  
WWA2311 Tom Allison KSFO 3,389.2 Senior Command Captain+4 5/1/2017 Active Comments
WWA3117 Andrew Cleveland KSFO 855.1 Command Captain 5/7/2017 Active Comments
WWA3321 Donnie Wade KSFO 1,988.8 Senior Command Captain+1 5/20/2017 Active  
WWA88 Sergio Schaar KSLC 4,260.3 Senior Command Captain+6 4/27/2017 Active  
WWA806 Alan Heiner KSLC 1,010.7 Senior Command Captain 4/15/2017 Active Comments
WWA906 Russell L. Sisco KSLC 519.7 Command Captain 4/24/2017 Active  
WWA918 Gabrio Faralli KSLC 21.0 Cat II 5/14/2017 Active Comments
WWA2525 Ruberto Stutzer KSLC 439.8 Senior Captain 4/15/2017 Active Comments
WWA2782 Ronald Fuller KSLC 268.1 Cat V 5/23/2017 Active Comments
WWA2923 Todd McCuistion KSLC 630.7 Command Captain 5/9/2017 Active  
WWA3490 Brandon Jarvie KSLC 204.5 Cat V 5/7/2017 Active  
WWA2132 Johnny Kasimatis LGAV 3,356.0 Senior Command Captain+4 5/23/2017 Active  
WWA2297 David Hickman LGAV 688.6 Command Captain 4/17/2017 Active Comments
WWA3312 Fabian Baptiste SBGL 1,018.8 Senior Command Captain 5/6/2017 Active Comments
WWA843 Ed Bleck WSSS 4,916.7 Senior Command Captain+7 4/29/2017 Active Comments
WWA1702 Mike Gibbs WSSS 4,100.9 Senior Command Captain+6 5/4/2017 Active Comments
WWA2629 Dorothy Fryer WSSS 2,182.8 Senior Command Captain+2 2/3/2014 LOA  
WWA3151 Nathan Little WSSS 419.4 Senior Captain 5/6/2017 Active  
WWA49 Andrew Wheeler YSSY 7,967.8 Senior Command Captain+13 5/22/2017 Active  
WWA121 Trevor Golding YSSY 4,554.7 Senior Command Captain+7 5/19/2017 Active Comments
WWA2055 Kenneth Haynes YSSY 13,443.5 Senior Command Captain+24 5/23/2017 Active Comments
WWA2762 Matthew Byram YSSY 413.6 Senior Captain 3/29/2017 Active  
WWA2987 Glenn Maus YSSY 231.5 Cat IV 4/26/2017 Active  
WWA3445 Jacques De Kock YSSY 217.4 Cat V 4/8/2017 Active  
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