Personnel Policies

Our Mission…

WestWind Airlines exists to make flight simulation fun by providing an environment mirroring a real world aviation community. Pilots have opportunities to learn and experience professional aviation skills. We provide established Cargo, Charter, and Passenger routes, yet allow our pilots to fly where and when they want. We offer liveries, hub sceneries and try to support multiple simulator options.

Pilot Responsibilities…

New Pilot Placement…

New pilots to WestWind Airlines will start as Trainees and will report to the WestWind Training Center to commence Category I training. During this training, the new pilots will be introduced to the WestWind Airline Standard Operating Procedures which form the basis of all our operations. If you'd like to become a WestWind Pilot, please complete an Application Form.

Hub Assignment and Transfer Policy…

In an effort to keep a balance of personnel at our hubs, WestWind has adopted the following policy:

  1. Only the 10 hubs with the least number of active pilots will be available to new pilot applicants, from which they may make 3 choices on their application.
  2. Pilots may transfer to a different hub after reaching Cat II (15 hour logged). Only one hub transfer per year will be allowed

Advancement and Promotions…

Promotion with WestWind Airlines is based on accumulated flight hours from Passenger, Cargo and Charter flights. See the promotion scale for more specific information regarding pilot ratings and total time required for each rating.

Simulation Speed…

It is suggested that WestWind Pilots conduct their operations at Normal or 1x simulation rate.  However when engaged on long Oceanic or Trans Continental flights, pilots may use a higher simulation rate. However, any time spent at a higher Simulation Rate may only be logged at Real Time. (That is to say, if you spend 1 hour flying a 2x Simulation Speed, you may log 1 hour only.)

Pilot's are encouraged to fly at the normal Simulation Rate as this will help keep your flights as real as they possibly can be.

Flight Training…

As with a real airline, training is required in the aircraft type that you will be assigned. The training guidelines are located in the WestWind Airlines Flight Training Center. Training is required to earn your type rating for the aircraft categories you will be flying.

Training will help you learn the characteristics of the new aircraft you will be flying and ensure that once you begin passenger operations, that you will perform your duties in a safe manner. Training questions can be directed to the Executive Vice President/Chief Pilot.

Aircraft Operations…

Operations guidelines are contained in the Pilot's Operating Handbook (POH) for each aircraft type. Please print the POH for each aircraft on which you are type-rated. Refer to this information for training and daily operations.

View WestWind Airlines Standard Operating Procedures.

Direct aircraft operations related questions to your Hub Manager.

WestWind Copyright Policy…

Aircraft, panels and manuals downloaded from the WestWind Airlines web site are FREEWARE products, provided with permission from the copyright owner. These products are provided as is, with no warranties either expressed or implied. Aircraft, panels and manuals, FREEWARE or COMMERCIAL PRODUCTS, may not be resold, packaged, placed in a medium that is sold, rented, leased or for which a fee is charged to access this software. Add-on programs purchased may not be distributed to others without the copyright owner's written permission. Also, any freeware or commercial software depicting WestWind Virtual Airlines may not be distributed without written permission from the WestWind Executive Committee. It is WestWind policy that software files containing WestWind content only be made available for distribution from WestWind servers. By downloading and installing aircraft panels and manuals, you acknowledge the copyright ownership of the contributing authors and agree to abide by all U.S. and International Copyright conventions that are in effect at this time. You acknowledge and agree that the terms of "fair use" as loosely interpreted in some countries do not apply, and that strict compliance with copyright laws are required.

WestWind Liability Statement…

WestWind Airlines is a Virtual Airline made up entirely of volunteers. None of the officers or members receive compensation for their activities. WestWind accepts no responsibility for the actions of its members. WestWind has certain Core Values applicable to its members but has no means of enforcing them.

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