Frequently Asked Questions

Personnel Matters

  1. I have logged hours with another Virtual Airline.  Do these count towards my career with WestWind?

    A pilot can apply up to 150 Hours of "documented" and approved flight hours from other virtual airline sources that will be applied to the pilot's total flight time. Prior experience is applied to the pilot's flight log within the promotion scale. It is up to each pilot to provide documentation that is third party and easlily verified. Such sources are other virtual airline sites, and VATSIM. Pilot's can only do this ONE TIME.

  2. I am having trouble logging in to the web site.

    Your user name for the web site is your pilot number (e.g., WWA9123). You were e-mailed a password when your application to join WestWind was accepted. If you have since changed and forgotten your password, please contact your hub manager or assistant hub manager and ask to have your password reset.

  3. Does WestWind have a "Pilot's Forum"?

    Yes, go to the WestWind Forum

  4. I can't seem to log in to the forum with my pilot number and password.

    The discussion forums require you to register and create a separate user name and password. When you register on the forum your password will be sent to the e-mail address you provide during registration.

  5. Do I have to join WestWind before I can register to use the forum?

    No, forum registration is open to non-members.

  6. If I change my e-mail address, whom should I notify?

    You should send an email to your hub manager and assistant hub manager using your new email address so that he can keep his records up to date and update the WestWind database.

  7. How do I find out who is my Hub Manager?

    You can find out who your Hub Manager is by looking it up in the Management Directory. This can be found in the Personnel Department that is accessible from the Main FBO page.

  8. How do I find out details about my Hub?

    Details about your Hub can be found on your Hub Page. A link to your Hub can be found on the Operations Page. This is accessible from a link on the Main FBO page.

  9. Who is my FIRST contact person if I have a question?

    Your Hub Manager is your first contact person. Hub Managers are selected for their computer and aviation knowledge. If they can't answer your questions then THEY will refer you to higher authority.

  10. Why has my pilot status been changed to "inactive", and how do I fix it?

    WestWind pilots are required to log at least one flight per month in order to stay on the active pilot roster. Actually, pilots are not changed to inactive status until 60 days have passed since the last update. However, WestWind managers are held to a higher standard, and will be set to inactive status after just 30 days of inactivity. To return to active status simply update your flight log!

  11. Why has my pilot status been changed to "retired", and how do I fix it?

    After one year of inactivity, pilots are moved from inactive status to retired status. Once you have been moved to retired status you must contact the President/CEO or Executive VP of Hub Operations to request that you be re-activated.

Flight Operations

  1. What is the primary purpose of WestWind, VA?

    Our Mission Statement is: "WestWind Airlines exists to make flight simulation fun by providing an environment mirroring a real world aviation community. Pilots have opportunities to learn and experience professional aviation skills. We provide established Cargo, Charter, and Passenger routes, yet allow our pilots to fly where and when they want. We offer liveries, hub sceneries and try to support multiple simulator options."  

  2. How close is WestWind VA to a real airline?

    WestWind, VA is as close as we can make it to a real airline. As advances are made in computers and programming the realism can only improve.

  3. Where can I find a list of flights?

    A list of each Hub's routes can be found on the Hub's Route Page. This is available from many places, but most notably from each Hub's Page.

  4. Which Routes can I fly?

    You can fly any route, from any hub, as long as your airliner has sufficient range for the flight. For example, you cannot fly non-stop from Los Angeles to Chicago in the Beech 1900D.

  5. What WestWind Airliners can I fly as I progress up to the higher categories?

    You can fly all of the WestWind Airliners in your present category and all of the WestWind Airliners from your previous categories.

  6. Do I have to fly only WestWind Aircraft?

    No, but WestWind hours may be logged only when flying specific makes and models of aircraft listed in the WestWind fleet. The WestWind Fleet consists of those aircraft types (makes and models) currently available for download in WestWind's hangars. To encourage pilots to join the WestWind test pilot program, hours flown during approved testing of new aircraft being considered by WestWind may be logged. Aircraft must be approved by WestWind's Executive Vice President of Aircraft prior to official testing. Also, if you would like to become a test pilot submit you application to WestWind's Executive Vice President of Aircraft.

  7. What is the Flight Dispatch System?

    The Flight Dispatch System is used by WestWind pilots to sign-out on individual flights and, at the conclusion of the flight, sign back in with the duration of flight (block time) which updates the pilot's online flight log. All pages that display passenger or cargo flight schedules, or executive charter descriptions contain "fast file" links that make signing out on flights a quick and painless process. In addition to block time, the Flight Dispatch system records other pieces of useful information about your flying activities. These data are used by WestWind managers to improve the operations of the airline. Pilots are also able to view various summaries of their flight log data.

  8. What is a "PIREP"?

    Before the creation of the Flight Dispatch system, which keeps a record of your individual flights, WestWind pilots updated their total flight hours by periodically reporting their current total time through the web site. This update was called a "PIREP", which is an aviation term for "pilot report". A minimum of one PIREP per month was required in order to stay on the active roster, however, many pilots would file a PIREP after each individual fight.

  9. Can I still file PIREPs instead of logging each individual flight?

    No, as of January 1, 2010 all pilots are required to file an individual flight report for each flight. This allows management to collect better flight statistics and helps to keep pilots honest. You may update your flight log without having to sign-out and then sign-in a flight but it is still on an individual flight basis. All these actions are accomplished through the Flight Dispatch System page.

Training and Advancement

  1. What is the WestWind Training Center?

    The WestWind Training Center is your first "port of call" when you begin "working" for WestWind Airlines. It is here that you obtain a "type rating" to fly the Canadair CRJ Regional Jet. You will fly this aircraft for your first 15 flight hours.

  2. I have reached the required number of hours for upgrade but I enjoy my present category. Do I have to upgrade?

    You do not need to upgrade into a higher category if you do not want to.

  3. I have over 300 hours, do I need to visit the WTC again to become a Senior Captain?

    Once you are a Cat V pilot, you do not need to visit the WTC to be promoted further.  Once you have the hours, you are promoted automatically.

  4. Where can I get basic pilot knowledge?

    Microsoft Flight Sim gives a good training program included within your copy of their program.  Post on our 

    Tech Support / Forum any other questions that you may have.

Aircraft & Scenery

  1. I have heard about a WestWind Concorde. How many hours do I need to fly it?

    Due to the publishers of the freeware Concorde ceasing operation, WestWind is no longer able, due to copyright restrictions, to offer a Concorde at this time.

  2. I noticed that some of the WestWind Airliners do not have a panel included in the download. Why?

    Panels are changing so fast that it isn't possible to make "the latest" ones available.

    Also, panels are very subjective. A panel that is great to one pilot may not be so good to another. There are many places, on the net, to find panels. You might try the following sites to begin your search.

    This is only a "first step" in finding that perfect panel for your WestWind Airliner. Your Hub Manager can advise you if more assistance is needed.

Online Operations

  1. Are WestWind pilots required to fly on VATSIM?

    No, flying online is strictly optional.

If you have any further questions, Click here to Contact your Hub Manager.

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