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5/15/2019 5:27:16 AM

Passenger, SBGR -> EDDF, B744, Off-Line, 11.1 hours

Fuel burned: 249084 lbs.

Dan Ward
Senior Command Captain+8, KLAX

5/15/2019 4:05:51 AM

Charter-Passenger, KMKC -> KCLT, F2TH, Off-Line, 2.0 hours

NASCAR charter to Charlotte Motor Speedway

Stephen Newby
Senior Captain, KCVG

5/14/2019 7:34:01 PM

Passenger, OTHH -> LGAV, B773, Off-Line, 3.9 hours

smooth flight landed RW 21L

Michael Finn
Senior Command Captain+1, KDEN

5/14/2019 7:22:38 PM

Cargo, GOOY -> CYYC, B748, VATSIM, 11.1 hours

ACARS is not sending data for this flight

David Manson
Senior Command Captain, CYYC

5/14/2019 6:45:28 PM

Passenger, TNCM -> KMIA, CRJ7, Off-Line, 2.8 hours

Aircraft: Project Opensky - Bombardier CRJ-700 LR Flight Date: May 14 2019 Departure: 16h15 (20h15 GMT) Arrival: 19h02 (23h03 GMT) From: TNCM - Princess Juliana Intl - Antilles To: KMIA - Miami Intl - Usa Report: Flight Distance: 1,062 Nm Landing Speed: 115.92 kt Time Airborne: 02h41:00 Landing Touchdown: -433.08 ft/m Flight Time (block): 02h48:43 Landing Pitch: 3.39 Time On Ground: 00h10:09 Landing Weight: 57024 lbs Average Speed: 395.72 kt Total Fuel Used: 6921 lbs Max. Altitude: FL 340 Fuel Not Used: 4847 lbs Climb Time: 00h18:18 Climb Fuel Used: 2318 lbs Cruise Time: 01h53:58 Cruise Fuel Used: 3222 lbs Average Cruise Speed: 448.00 kt (M0.74) Cruise fuel/hour: 1696 lbs (calc Overall Flight Result: Horrible Pilot Bonus points: 264 points Good Flight, no problems and satisfied passengers. (+100) You landed at the scheduled airport. (+30) Long flight (02h41) without using time acceleration, without any problems and with satisfied passengers. (+134) Pilot's Penalty points: -1275 points ($517 bill) Performing dangerous manoeuvres in flight while the passengers don't have their seat belts fastened is criminal. (-400) Using reverse thrust under 60kts is prohibited and dangerous, it can damage engine. (-300) Forgetting to set the proper flaps during take-off is an extremely dangerous fault and does not show proper piloting skills. (-300) You have exceeded the gear speed limit by 13.44kts (-134) All aircraft are prohibited to exceed 250Kts below 10000 ft AMSL; your speed was 47 Kts above this limit Our company received a fine of $524. (-143) If it weren't for penalties, I'd have a pretty good rating.

Jimmy Phillips - DFW Pilot of the Month
Command Captain, KDFW

5/14/2019 3:22:11 PM

Training, KRAP -> KDEN, CRJ7, Off-Line, 3.0 hours

Flew Offline with Microsoft FS9 ATC, Turned me before GLL to East then back in.

Dennis Dennison

5/14/2019 2:06:16 PM

Charter-Passenger, TNCM -> TKPK, DHC6, Off-Line, 0.5 hours

Aircraft: DHC6-300 Twin Otter - WestWind Express Flight Date: May 14 2019 Departure: 15h43 (19h43 GMT) Arrival: 16h09 (20h10 GMT) From: TNCM - Princess Juliana Intl - Antilles To: TKPK - Robert L Bradshaw - St. Kitts & Nevis Report: Flight Distance: 48 Nm Landing Speed: 71.95 kt Time Airborne: 00h26:12 Landing Touchdown: -708.46 ft/m Flight Time (block): 00h28:41 Landing Pitch: 8.72 Time On Ground: 00h03:59 Landing Weight: 13461 lbs Average Speed: 111.92 kt Total Fuel Used: 269 lbs Max. Altitude: 5019ft Fuel Not Used: 2410 lbs Company Reputation: Considering that the flight was average,the tickets price high,passengers on this flight think that your company's reputation should be 72% Your company reputation is now: 72% (-0.04 decrease)

Jimmy Phillips - DFW Pilot of the Month
Command Captain, KDFW

5/14/2019 1:50:12 PM

Passenger, KORF -> KSEA, B737, Off-Line, 5.8 hours


Jim Boerman
Senior Command Captain+25, KMIA

5/14/2019 1:18:01 PM

Passenger, CYYZ -> SBGR, A333, Off-Line, 9.8 hours

Just three minutes behind schedule after a long flight South to Guarulhos, Sao Paulo

Martin Taylor
Senior Command Captain+4, EGLL

5/14/2019 11:10:32 AM

Passenger, KSLC -> KSEA, B735, VATSIM, 2.2 hours

Nav equipment failure on approach. Light rain and overcast. ILS frequency did not alert until touchdown. Smooth all manual landing.

Erwin Michael
Senior Command Captain+12, KSEA

5/14/2019 7:27:05 AM

Charter-Passenger, MPDA -> MPTO, DHC6, Off-Line, 1.2 hours

FSPassenger Report: None

Mike Osburn
Senior Command Captain+4, KMIA

5/14/2019 6:39:39 AM

Passenger, KDEN -> KLAX, B738, VATSIM, 2.7 hours

This ended up being a "red eye" departing Denver after midnight local time. Flight out to the coast was uneventful. Actually a very good enroute phase. Had an ILS to minimums from over the water. We don't land that way often, but we had to for noise. Needless to say, this guy needs to fly allot more minimums landings. This should have been a go-around. We got it down, but it was not pretty. Overall, even an ugly flight is better then no flight at all.

Mark Kusiak
Senior Command Captain+1, KLAX

5/13/2019 5:19:19 PM

Passenger, KORD -> KATL, B764, VATSIM, 1.8 hours

Great flight, ATC gate to gate!!! Lots of traffic arriving into ATL.

Chris Cramblet - KORD Hub Manager
Senior Captain, KORD

5/13/2019 4:16:51 PM

Passenger, EHAM -> LGKR, B738, Off-Line, 3.0 hours

1st time LGKR, Lnd 17-not a good option for a 1st timer, especially in marginal wx. Ok after 1 GA & lrned alot.

Darrel Zuke
Senior Command Captain+7, KSEA

5/13/2019 4:13:38 PM

Charter-Passenger, MMMX -> SEQM, B773, Off-Line, 3.9 hours

smooth flight drifted right wheels off runway on landing RW 18

Michael Finn
Senior Command Captain+1, KDEN

5/13/2019 3:37:35 PM

Cargo, CYYC -> GOOY, B748, VATSIM, 9.8 hours

Visual approach in the soup, no IFR approaches.

David Manson
Senior Command Captain, CYYC

5/13/2019 3:18:05 PM

Passenger, KEUG -> KDEN, B737, Off-Line, 2.4 hours

Good flight, no issues.

Brian Mills
Senior Command Captain+3, KDEN

5/13/2019 12:14:45 PM

Training, NSTU -> NSFA, B350, Off-Line, 1.0 hours

NSTU RWY 05, NSFA RNAV RWY 08, Flown Offline for Training, first time in Airfoillabs B350, nice flying aircraft, did some practice slow stalls enroute, flown at 12000, will need to use x-camera instead of built-in cameras (which were nice but too much mouse clicking for me), all that flying I did in the B200 really transfers to flying this aircraft

Scott Robinson
Senior Command Captain+3, CYYC

5/13/2019 11:01:36 AM

Charter-Passenger, MPTO -> MPDA, DHC6, Off-Line, 1.2 hours

FSPassenger: No Report

Mike Osburn
Senior Command Captain+4, KMIA

5/13/2019 10:47:30 AM

Passenger, KTUL -> KSLC, B763, VATSIM, 2.4 hours

Aircraft attempted to enter a stall at about FL300. Recovered and reduced assigned altitude of 360 to 320.

Erwin Michael
Senior Command Captain+12, KSEA

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