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1/14/2018 8:20:25 AM

Charter-Passenger, KHWO -> KAHN, LJ45, Off-Line, 1.8 hours

Hollywood FL to Athens GA. A major problem with EZDOC cameras, but other than that great flight with a good landing on ILS 27.

Alan Morris
Senior Command Captain+2, KCVG

1/14/2018 7:12:52 AM

Charter-Passenger, EGGD -> EGPH, E135, Off-Line, 1.1 hours

No WX or equipment problems - good flight

Mike Osburn
Senior Command Captain+2, EGLL

1/14/2018 6:19:44 AM

Passenger, KEWR -> CYYT, A321, Off-Line, 2.6 hours

North to St Johns, arriving 25 minutes early

Martin Taylor
Senior Command Captain+3, EGLL

1/13/2018 11:55:57 PM

Passenger, KMRY -> KSFO, C172, Off-Line, 0.9 hours

Smooth flight used FSX ATC so they wanted me to land on RW01R. Fun approach.

Michael Finn
Command Captain, KSLC

1/13/2018 11:10:01 PM

Passenger, YCWR -> YSSY, DHC6, Off-Line, 1.4 hours

Ontime with no Block revs (+5) PAXCOM: Very nice landing (+5)

Sean McConnell
Command Captain, CYYZ

1/13/2018 10:34:25 PM

Passenger, KSFO -> PHNL, B739, VATSIM, 5.9 hours


David Manson

1/13/2018 7:49:03 PM

Passenger, KCVG -> KCLE, E120, Off-Line, 1.4 hours

Passenger Opinion: Very good flight, professionally done (99%) -Were in a better mood because they had food.

John Good
Command Captain, CYYC

1/13/2018 7:04:46 PM

Passenger, KSFO -> MMPR, B738, Off-Line, 3.2 hours

Smooth air all the way but a rough visual landing that came in too steep and too fast. Aircraft damage but passengers were safe and ahead of schedule.

Ronald Fuller
Command Captain, KSLC

1/13/2018 6:21:47 PM

Charter-Passenger, EGPH -> EGGD, E135, Off-Line, 1.0 hours

Great flight. no WX or equipment issues.

Mike Osburn
Senior Command Captain+2, EGLL

1/13/2018 6:02:41 PM

Passenger, EHAM -> LEIB, B739, Off-Line, 2.5 hours

Visual 6 LEIB

Bob Armer
Senior Command Captain+3, EHAM

1/13/2018 5:49:56 PM

Passenger, KLAX -> KSAT, B738, VATSIM, 3.0 hours

Late touchdown on the runway. Autobrakes engaged but then released unexpectantly. Braked manually. Took most of the runway to slow to taxi speed.

Erwin Michael
Senior Command Captain+10, KSEA

1/13/2018 5:13:42 PM

Passenger, KSLC -> KOAK, CRJ7, Off-Line, 1.8 hours

Smooth night flight landed RW 30

Michael Finn
Command Captain, KSLC

1/13/2018 5:10:26 PM

Passenger, EHAM -> LCLK, B738, Off-Line, 3.2 hours

Smooth flight.. ran AI traffic on 100% and ATC never shut up. Back to Amsterdam, then to Italy.

Mitch Worthington
Senior Command Captain+2, KATL

1/13/2018 12:29:47 PM

Passenger, LSZH -> EHAM, B737, Off-Line, 1.3 hours

Fuel burned: 7345 lbs.

Dan Ward
Senior Command Captain+4, KLAX

1/13/2018 12:20:09 PM

Passenger, MYNN -> TQPF, GLF5, Off-Line, 2.1 hours


David Ajie
Senior Command Captain+1, EGLL

1/13/2018 12:15:29 PM

Passenger, MMUN -> KMTH, B350, Off-Line, 1.4 hours

The Florida Keys Marathon Airport

David Ajie
Senior Command Captain+1, EGLL

1/13/2018 12:14:39 PM

Passenger, TNCM -> MMUN, GLF5, Off-Line, 4.1 hours

Cancun Intl

David Ajie
Senior Command Captain+1, EGLL

1/13/2018 12:03:17 PM

Passenger, CYYZ -> CYAM, B739, Off-Line, 1.1 hours

Passenger Opinion: Exceptional flight (100%) -Are relieved to have landed safely after the extreme weather they experienced during landing. -Were highly entertained by the movie. -Were in a better mood because they had food. -Were pleased by the music on ground. A very nice addition to their flying experience.

Greg Shaw
Senior Command Captain+1, CYYZ

1/13/2018 9:34:36 AM

Charter-Passenger, EDDR -> EDLW, B190, VATSIM, 1.0 hours

FSCaptain score 92 +2 correct position reporting +5 on time, very nice landing, smooth flight -5 lights not set properly, Altimeter not set standard over TA

Peter Marzlin
Senior Command Captain, CYYC

1/13/2018 9:21:12 AM

Charter-Passenger, EIDW -> KPHL, A332, Off-Line, 6.8 hours

Another good flight across the pond, arrived 48 minutes ahead of the Sim Brief flight plan.

John Oddo
Senior Command Captain+9, KLAX

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