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8/18/2018 10:45:38 AM

Passenger, CYUL -> CYYC, B744, VATSIM, 3.9 hours

ILS35R, Lots of SMOKE in YYC

David Manson
Command Captain, CYYC

8/18/2018 8:42:29 AM

Charter-Passenger, MPHO -> KTPA, CRJ7, Off-Line, 2.9 hours

Flight went well up until approach into Tampa, then hand no landing gear response, had to go around troubleshoot failure, corrected the landing gear problem and landed on second pass.

Mike Osburn
Senior Command Captain+3, EGLL

8/18/2018 7:57:56 AM

Charter-Passenger, KGYR -> KCBF, C300, Off-Line, 2.6 hours

Goodyear AZ to Council Bluffs IA. Routine flight. RNAV approach RW 18.

Alan Morris
Senior Command Captain+3, KORD

8/18/2018 7:14:01 AM

Charter-Passenger, TJBQ -> TNCM, C750, VATSIM, 1.0 hours

Charter over to St. Maarten

Ron Wilson
Command Captain, KMIA

8/18/2018 4:19:43 AM

Charter-Cargo, KEDW -> KLSV, DC91, Off-Line, 1.2 hours

Edwards AFB, Dryden Research Center - Edwards, CA -&rt NELLIS AFB, Las Vegas NV Cargo Operations transfer

Nathaniel Miller
Senior Command Captain+10, KLAX

8/18/2018 12:15:38 AM

Passenger, KSAT -> KLAX, B738, Off-Line, 2.5 hours

Uneventful flight night flight.

Anthony Miller
Senior Command Captain+3, KLAX

8/18/2018 12:14:25 AM

Passenger, KLAX -> KSAT, B738, Off-Line, 2.9 hours

Ended up going around during approach due to shifting wind conditions and not wanting to land in an 18knt crosswind.

Anthony Miller
Senior Command Captain+3, KLAX

8/17/2018 11:29:30 PM

Cargo, KYIP -> KNQA, B752, Off-Line, 1.6 hours

Landed runway 22 in rain. Delivered DVDs

Ed Bleck
Senior Command Captain+7, KCVG

8/17/2018 4:27:52 PM

Cargo, KDEN -> PANC, B763, Off-Line, 5.7 hours

Fuel burned: 64704 lbs.

Dan Ward
Senior Command Captain+6, KLAX

8/17/2018 4:00:03 PM

Passenger, TLPL -> KMIA, B737, Off-Line, 3.5 hours

Smooth flight and landing RW 30

Michael Finn
Senior Command Captain, KDEN

8/17/2018 2:58:28 PM

Passenger, YPDN -> YPPH, B744, VATSIM, 3.7 hours


Ron Oines
Senior Command Captain+19, CYYC

8/17/2018 1:56:30 PM

Charter-Cargo, KYIP -> KCLE, C208, Off-Line, 0.4 hours

Real weather.

Raul Nasr

8/17/2018 11:19:28 AM

Charter-Passenger, MSLP -> MROC, DHC6, Off-Line, 1.7 hours

Smooth flight last leg to deliver the aircraft from China to Costa Reca. landed RW 07

Michael Finn
Senior Command Captain, KDEN

8/17/2018 6:53:11 AM

Passenger, EGBB -> EGPF, B717, VATSIM, 1.2 hours

ILS 23

Chris Trott
Senior Command Captain, KDFW

8/17/2018 5:35:30 AM

Charter-Passenger, KFKR -> C16, C172, Off-Line, 0.9 hours

Frankfort IN to Urbana IL. Good flight. Vectored for visual RW 27.

Alan Morris
Senior Command Captain+3, KORD

8/17/2018 1:32:16 AM

Cargo, KSTL -> KYIP, B752, VATSIM, 1.8 hours

Landed runway 23L

Ed Bleck
Senior Command Captain+7, KCVG

8/16/2018 8:45:52 PM

Charter-Passenger, MMPS -> MSLP, DHC6, Off-Line, 2.3 hours

Smooth flight on the last leg to deliver the aircraft to Coasta Reca. Landed RW 07

Michael Finn
Senior Command Captain, KDEN

8/16/2018 7:49:08 PM

Charter-Passenger, EGLL -> EHAM, B350, VATSIM, 1.7 hours

Overall an excellent flight, but needed to knock off a few rust chips. RWY09 departure to the northeast out of Heathrow arriving Schmphol RWY22 in good visibility. The landing was a little on the crazy side with a little low and slow.

Mark Kusiak
Senior Command Captain, KLAX

8/16/2018 5:52:14 PM

Passenger, KLAS -> KDFW, B733, VATSIM, 2.1 hours

FL35,000. Landed RW27L. Good flight. ATC none. Some showers at KDFW. Return trip to home base. On to Miami and Caribbean later.

Jimmy Phillips
Command Captain, KDFW

8/16/2018 5:49:16 PM

Charter-Passenger, KLAS -> L06, B300, Off-Line, 2.0 hours

FL 10,500 outbound. FL16000 INBOUND. LAS Vegas, Nv to Furnace Creek, Death Valley, USA. Round trip equals total time. 59 minutes each way. Initial flight to Furnace Creek, Death Valley, USA.

Jimmy Phillips
Command Captain, KDFW

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