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10/22/2017 4:44:39 PM

Passenger, KATL -> MWCR, B772, Off-Line, 2.3 hours

FL33000. Landed RW08. No problems.

Jimmy Phillips
Senior Captain, KDFW

10/22/2017 4:36:06 PM

Passenger, HKJK -> FGSL, B744, VATSIM, 4.1 hours

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Ron Oines
Senior Command Captain+17, CYYC

10/22/2017 4:26:07 PM

Passenger, KCVG -> KMCI, E140, Off-Line, 2.0 hours

Cincinnati OH to Kansas City KS. First flight in Dan Klaue's ERJ-140. It worked well, but there are a couple of things I have yet to figure out, but overall I'm happy with it so far. Landed ILS 01L.

Alan Morris
Senior Command Captain+2, KCVG

10/22/2017 4:25:41 PM

Passenger, KONT -> KSFO, DH8D, Off-Line, 1.3 hours

Smooth and uneventful flight with no weather to report. Early arrival and wonderful landing.

Ronald Fuller
Command Captain, KSLC

10/22/2017 4:03:46 PM

Passenger, KSFO -> KFAT, DH8B, Off-Line, 1.2 hours

smooth flight all the way

Michael Finn
Command Captain, KSLC

10/22/2017 4:02:39 PM

Passenger, KGGG -> KDFW, B350, VATSIM, 0.8 hours

Great flight into DFW with ATC, another rouge pilot not in contact with ATC was removed by a supervisor. Why go online if not to be in contact with ATC? On approach I was doing the approach briefing and noticed that WHINY4 arrival is for turbojets only, cannot believe I missed that during pre-briefing. Luckily not a lot of traffic online and ATC did not call me out on it.

Pedro Martinez
Senior Command Captain, KSFO

10/22/2017 2:47:59 PM

Charter-Passenger, KHOU -> KGGG, B350, VATSIM, 1.0 hours

No ATC services, because as I was 30 minutes away, approach and tower into KGGG closed. Other than that very bumpy and some rain out of Houston. Yankees lost and Astros on their way to Los Angeles to face the Dodgers.

Pedro Martinez
Senior Command Captain, KSFO

10/22/2017 2:13:22 PM

Passenger, KSDF -> KBWI, CRJ9, Off-Line, 1.6 hours

Lnd 10R in lo vis, fog, on time, great flt, no fam issues with the CRJ, think I'm nearly there :).

Darrel Zuke
Senior Command Captain+6, KSEA

10/22/2017 2:01:33 PM

Passenger, CYYZ -> UUDD, A343, Off-Line, 9.3 hours

Left a rainy Toronto at sunset to head over the Atlantic and arrive at a sunny Moscow just 15 minutes behind schedule

Martin Taylor
Senior Command Captain+3, EGLL

10/22/2017 1:30:30 PM

Passenger, KEWR -> EGCC, B744, Off-Line, 6.8 hours


Bob Armer
Senior Command Captain+2, EGLL

10/22/2017 1:04:40 PM

Passenger, KSFO -> KLAS, B738, Off-Line, 1.8 hours

Great flight!

John Condon
Command Captain, KIAD

10/22/2017 12:18:47 PM

Passenger, SLLP -> SKBO, A346, Off-Line, 3.2 hours

Visual Rwy 34R

Kenneth Haynes
Senior Command Captain+25, YSSY

10/22/2017 12:06:17 PM

Passenger, KSEA -> KSFO, B738, Off-Line, 2.0 hours

Great flight!

John Condon
Command Captain, KIAD

10/22/2017 10:00:59 AM

Charter-Cargo, KATL -> TJSJ, B744, VATSIM, 3.7 hours

Overall good flight out of Atlanta. Filmed a B747-400 "checkout" video for training, and captured a "TCAS" incident that was handled badly for the Safety Foundation stuff. Had problems mid-flight when I went to delete the "flap" control keys in the simulator. Had an engine shutdown when I returned. It took some time to figure out the issue and get everything back online. Not sure what the issue was with that, but it did do screwy thing to the simulator process. Used the ILS to land and was above the G/S. Had to land it manually and I'm really rusty. I think part of this was the decent profile set up in the FMC. That needs to be worked out. Still need to work out the kinks in my desktop controls. We are here and down with 155,550 lbs of relief supplies.

Mark Kusiak
Senior Command Captain, KLAX

10/22/2017 6:08:32 AM

Passenger, KSBN -> KGYY, E175, Off-Line, 0.6 hours


Jim Boerman
Senior Command Captain+23, KMIA

10/21/2017 4:40:27 PM

Charter-Cargo, KLAX -> TJSJ, B744, VATSIM, 4.2 hours

Initial flight for the EastWind VIII deployment into Atlanta. This aircraft will proceed to San Juan on the next leg. we have Food, Water, and Generators for the San Juan Airport area to build up operations at that airport. Good flight into Atlanta. Had VATSIM control out of Los Angeles International. Got off late because of mechanical issues with the computer. Had to ensure configurations were right. Uneventful flight into Atlanta's Cargo Hub. We are parked for the flight over in the morning.

Mark Kusiak
Senior Command Captain, KLAX

10/21/2017 4:00:02 PM

Passenger, EGCC -> KEWR, B744, Off-Line, 7.2 hours


Bob Armer
Senior Command Captain+2, EGLL

10/21/2017 3:13:25 PM

Passenger, CYUL -> CYYZ, A343, Off-Line, 1.4 hours

Completing the round trip with the short hop back to Toronto, arriving late after a go-around

Martin Taylor
Senior Command Captain+3, EGLL

10/21/2017 2:30:54 PM

Passenger, KMDW -> KSDF, CRJ9, Off-Line, 1.5 hours

Electrical prob caused 20 min delay, once airborne smooth, lnd 35R, 1st time in KSDF.

Darrel Zuke
Senior Command Captain+6, KSEA

10/21/2017 8:23:56 AM

Passenger, OBBI -> CYVR, B741, Off-Line, 5.9 hours


Scott Clifford
Senior Command Captain+10, CYYC

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