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6/23/2018 3:36:47 PM

Passenger, KRNO -> CYYC, B739, VATSIM, 2.1 hours


David Manson
Command Captain, CYYC

6/23/2018 3:12:54 PM

Passenger, MKJP -> KMIA, B738, Off-Line, 1.8 hours

IFR FL 300 F-32244 E/F-13389 ILS RWY 09, Mod Trb on approach/gusty, no events

Thomas Murphy
Senior Command Captain+4, KLAX

6/23/2018 3:02:44 PM

Cargo, HTDA -> GLRB, B744, VATSIM, 6.7 hours


Ron Oines
Senior Command Captain+18, CYYC

6/23/2018 12:29:33 PM

Charter-Cargo, KIAD -> KLAX, A380, Off-Line, 4.8 hours

4th stop: Los Angeles, CA

David Ajie
Senior Command Captain+1, EGLL

6/23/2018 12:27:47 PM

Charter-Cargo, KIAD -> KJFK, A380, Off-Line, 1.1 hours

3rd stop: New York City, NY

David Ajie
Senior Command Captain+1, EGLL

6/23/2018 9:56:32 AM

Passenger, EGLC -> EDDH, CRJ9, Off-Line, 1.8 hours

Lnd RWY 33 via RNAV Appr in cloudy wx w T-Storms in area. Good flt, smooth appr. 1ST time in EDDH.

Darrel Zuke
Senior Command Captain+7, KSEA

6/23/2018 8:57:04 AM

Charter-Cargo, MPEJ -> MPHO, G21A, Off-Line, 0.5 hours

No WX or equipment problems - easy flight.

Mike Osburn
Senior Command Captain+3, EGLL

6/23/2018 6:44:47 AM

Charter-Cargo, MPHO -> MPEJ, G21A, Off-Line, 0.7 hours

No WX or equipment problems. Good flight to the village an on into Colon.

Mike Osburn
Senior Command Captain+3, EGLL

6/23/2018 4:51:36 AM

Passenger, KDFW -> EGLL, B744, Off-Line, 8.5 hours

Fuel burned: 178010 lbs.

Dan Ward
Senior Command Captain+5, KLAX

6/23/2018 3:52:09 AM

Passenger, KMCO -> CYUL, A321, Off-Line, 2.9 hours

Dusk arrival back in Montreal

Martin Taylor
Senior Command Captain+3, EGLL

6/23/2018 3:51:47 AM

Passenger, CYUL -> KMCO, A321, Off-Line, 3.1 hours

Longer flight South to Orlando

Martin Taylor
Senior Command Captain+3, EGLL

6/23/2018 3:48:53 AM

Passenger, CYBG -> CYUL, DH8D, Off-Line, 1.3 hours

Landed on 6L at Montreal for a change

Martin Taylor
Senior Command Captain+3, EGLL

6/23/2018 3:48:50 AM

Passenger, CYUL -> CYBG, DH8D, Off-Line, 1.1 hours

Sunny flight to Bagotville

Martin Taylor
Senior Command Captain+3, EGLL

6/22/2018 7:59:30 PM

Cargo, FQMA -> HTDA, B744, VATSIM, 3.0 hours


Ron Oines
Senior Command Captain+18, CYYC

6/22/2018 7:24:46 PM

Passenger, CYYC -> KRNO, B739, VATSIM, 2.0 hours


David Manson
Command Captain, CYYC

6/22/2018 7:11:26 PM

Passenger, MHTG -> MWCR, B77L, Off-Line, 1.9 hours

Off line due to internet off/on. FL35,000.

Jimmy Phillips
Command Captain, KDFW

6/22/2018 2:53:09 PM

Passenger, KLAX -> CYVR, B738, VATSIM, 2.9 hours

Good flight, although I had some problems with the autopilot and getting VNAV/LNAV engaged. This is just a little rust on the bucket as its been a little while since I flew a flight. KLAX and CVYR were both in weather with KLAX being IFR on departure. Executed a good X-wind landing on RWY08R via the ILS. Overall a good familiarization flight. No other problems. VAS issues were looking real good with over a gig of VAS remaining, so that looks like its been worked out. For the amounts of system changes made, it really looks successful for the modification.

Mark Kusiak
Senior Command Captain, KLAX

6/22/2018 2:52:40 PM

Charter-Passenger, LSZH -> EGPH, B738, VATSIM, 2.8 hours

Had a tough time getting set up with ATC, and the weather, but it all worked out.

Gerald Spiers
Senior Command Captain, CYYC

6/22/2018 2:44:17 PM

Passenger, YSSY -> YBBN, B738, Off-Line, 1.5 hours

First flight at Sydney hub!

Hayden Stroh

6/22/2018 12:19:21 PM

Charter-Passenger, ULLI -> USSS, B737, Off-Line, 2.7 hours

Smooth flight with hard landing in heavy rain RW 26R

Michael Finn
Senior Command Captain, KDEN

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