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Dallas/Fort Worth October 2019 Monthly Hub Report

Greetings Dallas/Fort Worth Pilots!

Senior Command Captain Jimmy Phillips (WWA3516) - 143.9 hours flown in the month of October 2019

New Hires (Welcome to Dallas/Fort Worth!):

No new hires during this period


David Fridline (WWA3612), Cat II, 10/18/2019

Pilot Recognition Awards:

Edward Bingler - DFW Pilot of the Month (WWA2845), 50 Hours in one month, 10/1/2019
Jimmy Phillips (WWA3516), 50 Hours in one month, 10/1/2019
Chris Trott (WWA3382), 25 Hours in one Month, 10/4/2019
Jimmy Phillips (WWA3516), 250 Hours In Aircraft Type (MD11), 10/13/2019
Chris Trott (WWA3382), 250 Hours In Aircraft Type (CONI), 10/19/2019

Dallas/Fort Worth Total Hours:

2014: 4,090.0 hours
2015: 3,295.0 hours
2016: 2,388.0 hours
2017: 2,738.0 hours
2018: 1,819.0 hours

2019 Hours = 1,856.0 hours
2019 Hours Goal = 2,000.0 hours (144.0 hours until goal)

Monthly Reports:

Total Hours = 352.0 hours

Passengers Hours = 236.0 hours

Cargo Hours = 80.0 hours

Cargo Charters Hours = 0.0 hours

Passenger Charters Hours = 36.0 hours

Please congratulate, Senior Command Captain Jimmy Phillips (WWA3516) - Dallas/Fort Worth Pilot of the Month. Mr. Phillips had 23 flights for 143.9 hours for the month.
Mr. Phillips has reclaimed his title and is pilot of the month for the 8th time this year!

Please further congratulate Mr. Bingler who made DFW's pilot of the month a contest this month, as he was only off on his attempt to retain his title by 16.2 hours!

As always, if any of you have an questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact me either directly or in the forums.

Hope to see all of you in the virtual North Texas skies!

(Posted 11/6/2019)

WestWind KDFW Parking

Welcome to Dallas/Ft Worth International Airport..

WestWind Passenger Terminal Parking: Terminal B Gates 1 - 24 B1 - B24
WestWind Cargo Terminal Parking: NW Parking 1-6
WestWind Charter Terminal Parking: S Parking 1-10

(Posted 3/30/2018)

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Hub Management

Jacques 'Jay' LeMarier - DFW Hub Manager, Hub Manager

Assistant Hub Manager Wanted…

Open Flight Dispatches

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Date Callsign Name Hub Purpose Flight # From To Dep Arr Aircraft
12/9/2019 WWA2845 Edward Bingler KDFW Passenger KDFW KABQ TBA TBA B738

Active Pilots

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Pilot # Pilot Name Rating Awards Hours Location
WWA3120 Truman Dmith Senior Command Captain+3 2,687.6 Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, Washington, District of Columbia, USA (KDCA)
WWA2845 Edward Bingler Senior Command Captain+3 2,592.9 Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, Phoenix, Arizona, USA (KPHX)
WWA1494 L.N. Yarbrough Senior Command Captain+2 2,162.1 Lakefront Airport, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA (KNEW)
WWA3087 Thierry Weber Senior Command Captain+2 2,025.6 Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, USA (KDFW)
WWA3382 Chris Trott Senior Command Captain+1 1,972.6 Toronto Pearson International Airport, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada (CYYZ)
WWA3516 Jimmy Phillips - DFW Pilot of the Month Senior Command Captain+1 1,553.4 Benito Juárez International Airport, Mexico City, Mexico (MMMX)
WWA3255 Gary Killough - DFW Asst. Hub Mgr. (In Memoriam) Command Captain 900.9 Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, USA (KDFW)
WWA3151 Nathan Little Command Captain 653.8 Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, Austin, Texas, USA (KAUS)
WWA2183 Bentley Skibell Cat V 256.9 Scottsdale Municipal Airport, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA (KSDL)
WWA3585 Terry Ford Cat IV   181.4 Joe Foss Field Airport, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA (KFSD)
WWA3612 David Fridline Cat II   21.6 Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, USA (KDFW)
Total Hours 15,008.8  
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