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New Asst Hub Manager

KATL have seen a lot of changes in the last couple of months, a new Hub Manager
at the beginning of June, and now at the beginning of July we have a New Ass't Hub Manager.

I would like to announce that Dwayne White WWA2741 has taken over as the New Ass't
Hub Manager at KATL. I am looking forward to working with Dwayne on new projects for
the KATL Hub, and start building the Pilot Roster.

Again Congratulations to Dwayne White WWA2741 on the new position in WestWind Airlines
Management Team.

(Posted 7/10/2017)


Ensure your AIRAC are up to date: Current AIRAC cycle is 1708 Rev 1, Jul 20 - Aug 16, 2017

(Posted 6/30/2017)

Destination of the Month July 2017

This months Destination is: Madison Ga. Airport code:A52

Firefly Festival
Madison's Town Park
218 W. Jefferson St
Madison, GA 30650

Dates : 7/28/17 - 7/29/17

After a Great fireworks display put on by the City of Atlanta, Head to Madison Ga. For the 8th annual Firefly Festival.

Families, musicians, and fireflies will head to Town Park in Madison, Ga.
on the last weekend in July for the Firefly Festival celebrating the end of summer.
Bring kids (12 and under) to Firefly Kids' Night for a fun-filled evening in Town Park.
Bouncy inflatables, a hands-on drum line, and a cool dance party are just a few of the things
awaiting kids in the park. The Frolic is a ticketed event. Kids pay $5 each for loads of fun
activities within the park, and accompanying adults come in for free.

Saturday is Date Night in Town Park. Bring a cooler and a blanket and claim your favorite spot on the lawn.

Click here to sign out on this flight.

(Posted 5/31/2017)

Hub Stats, June 2017

KATL Hub hours for the month of June 2017, 185.0 Hours.

Pilot Promotions
No promotions during this period

Pilot Recognition Award
Al Stallbaumer (WWA107), 100 Hours in one Month 116.4
Dwayne White (WWA2741), 50 Hours in one Month 55.5
Al Stallbaumer (WWA107), Five Million Pounds.
Al Stallbaumer (WWA107), 500 Hours in Aircraft Type (B744)

Top Passenger Pilot
Al Stallbaumer with 75.8 hrs flown and carried 5,381 Passengers
Dwayne White with 55.5 hrs flown and carried 1,488 Passengers
Chris Gerhardstein with 10.0 hrs flown and carried 431 Passengers
Mitch Worthington with 1.2 hrs flown and carried 70 Passengers

Top Cargo Pilot
Al Stallbaumer with 39.8 hrs flown and carried 3,609,042 lbs of cargo.

Notice to all KATL Pilot's: Please log flight hours on the day you make the flight.

Also check your log on the flights you have completed, I do add remarks.

(Posted 5/30/2017)

Hub Stats and Reports

Hub Management

Al Stallbaumer, Hub Manager

Dwayne White, Assistant Hub Manager

Open Flight Dispatches

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Date Callsign Name Hub Purpose Flight # From To Dep Arr Aircraft
7/21/2017 WWA107 Al Stallbaumer KATL Passenger WWA2286A KLAX KOKC TBA TBA B738

Active Pilots

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Pilot # Pilot Name Rating Awards Hours Location
WWA107 Al Stallbaumer Senior Command Captain+8 5,040.4 Los Angeles International Airport, Los Angeles, California, USA (KLAX)
WWA1698 Bill Peterson Senior Command Captain+3 2,824.0 (KJKA)
WWA2741 Dwayne White Senior Command Captain+2 2,496.7 Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Atlanta, Georgia, USA (KATL)
WWA1369 Tony Lyons Senior Command Captain+1 1,803.5 John F Kennedy International Airport, New York, New York, USA (KJFK)
WWA3473 Roger von Ahrens Command Captain 751.9 San Diego International Airport (Lindbergh Field), San Diego, California, USA (KSAN)
WWA3335 Chris Gerhardstein Command Captain 740.8 Narita International Airport, Tokyo, Honshu, Japan (RJAA)
WWA3487 Michael Simpson Senior Captain 365.8 Golden Triangle Regional Airport, Columbus, Mississippi, USA (KGTR)
Total Hours 14,023.1  
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