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Atlanta Hartsfield - Jackson Airport Parking

Atlanta Hartsfield has no "calm-wind" runway procedure.
Passenger Parking Gates A1-A27 located on RAMP 1
Cargo Parking S Parking 1-5 located on South Cargo Ramp.
Carter Parking Gates W1 - W8, located on RAMP 20.

(Posted 4/19/2018)

WestWind KATL Parking

Welcome to Atlanta International Airport..

WestWind Passenger Terminal Parking: Gates A1 - A27
WestWind Executive Charter Terminal Parking: W1 - W8
WestWind Cargo Parking: S Parking 1 - 5

(Posted 4/19/2018)

Welcome to the newest KATL Pilots

Lets give a Big Atlanta Welcome, to the newest member’s of the KATL Team.
WWA2432 Daniel MacArthur
WWA3569 Christopher Berger.
Daniel has transferred to KATL from KIAD
Christopher is new to WestWind Airlines
I sure Daniel and Christopher will feel right at home here in Atlanta. All the Team members
are very helpful and can answer any question that may come up.

If you have any problems or comments you can post on the Airlines Forums or contact

We are looking forward to see you in the sky’s over KATL.

(Posted 4/9/2018)

Destination of the Month April 2018

This month we are going back in time. The eagerly awaited Georgia Renaissance Festival
features weekend spring fun April 14 thru June 3 including colorfully costumed
performers and nonstop entertainment, a 32-acre Artisan Market, thrilling rides
and games, parades, great food, jousting contests, period activities and more.

Step inside the gates of Newcastle and find yourself transported back to 16th-century
England! Our village is filled with over 150 artisan craft shoppes, 10 stages of
endless entertainment, wonderful pubs and taverns, plus food galore! You’ll laugh
out loud at the antics of our costumed characters, try your skill at carnival games,
and enjoy human-powered rides for kids of all ages. Did we mention food? Giant
roasted turkey legs, fish and chips, hearty ales, mead and more - a feast fit for
Royalty! It's a full day of fun, food and entertainment for the whole family.

This is a trip that can be made in one day. So jump in your favorite Cessna and
head for South Fulton Airport (89GE) and make a day of it.

Hope to see you there.

Click here to sign out on this flight.

(Posted 4/1/2018)

Team Speak

KATL Pilot’s there is a great little tool available to everyone in WestWind Airlines,
It’s called Teamspeak. I doesn’t matter if you fly off-line or with Vatsim to use
this system. I know how some long flights can become long and drawn out, and how it
would be great to chat with another person with the same interest as yourself.
You can do that with Teamspeak. Below is the info you need to get started.

The download is free and the only requirement is you own a microphone. The TeamSpeak
Server information is provided: Server: ts76.gameservers.com:9123 . There is no
password. If you have not set up TeamSpeak, download it from the TeamSpeak software
site at teamspeak.com/en/downloads . This web site has the appropriate
package for any computer application you may be running.

Looking forward to speaking to you soon.

(Posted 2/25/2018)


Ensure your AIRAC are up to date:
Current AIRAC cycle is 1804 Rev 1, Mar. 29,2018 to Apr. 25,2018.

(Posted 6/30/2017)

Hub Stats, March 2018

KATL Hub hours for the month of March 2018, 226.0 Hours.

Pilot Promotions
Dwayne White (WWA2741) to Hub Manager KSEA.
Dwayne has been promoted to Hub Manager at the Seattle Hub.
Make sure you stop by the WestWind Hub and say HI.

Pilot Recognition Award
Jim Short (WWA3191), 75 Hours in one Month 94.2
Al Stallbaumer (WWA107), 50 Hours in one Month 69.2
Al Stallbaumer (WWA107), 250 Hours in Aircraft Type(B772)

Top Passenger Pilot
Jim Short with 94.2 hrs flown and carried 3591 Passengers
Al Stallbaumer with 30.0 hrs flown and carried 1696 Passengers
Bill Peterson with 3.4 hrs flown and carried 25 Passengers
Mitch Worthington with 1.3 hrs flown and carried 9 Passengers
Chris Gerhardstein with 0.8 hrs flown and carried 131 Passengers
Tony Lyons with 00.0 hrs flown and carried 0 Passengers

Top Cargo Pilot
Al Stallbaumer with 39.2 hrs flown and carried 2,281,984 lbs of cargo.
Tony Lyons with 1.1 hrs flown and carried 3,217 lbs of cargo.

Charter Pilots Report
Mitch Worthington (WWA1901) flown 16.0 hrs.

On-line Pilots
Al Stallbaumer (WWA107) flown 8.6 hrs.
Bill Peterson (WWA1698) flown 3.4 hrs.

Notice to all KATL Pilot's: Please log flight hours on the day you make the flight.
Flights logged after the 1st of the month will not show until next months report.
Also check your log on the flights you have completed, I do add remarks.

(Posted 5/30/2017)

Hub Stats and Reports

Hub Management

Al Stallbaumer, Hub Manager

Assistant Hub Manager Wanted…

Open Flight Dispatches

Click on callsign to view pilot's flight log

Date Callsign Name Hub Purpose Flight # From To Dep Arr Aircraft
4/20/2018 WWA3191 Jim Short KATL Passenger WWA1779B LLBG KATL 1000 0100 A380

Active Pilots

Click on Pilot ID Number to view flight log.  Update Location

Pilot # Pilot Name Rating Awards Hours Location
WWA107 Al Stallbaumer Senior Command Captain+9 5,666.8 Adams Field Airport, Little Rock, Arkansas, USA (KLIT)
WWA2432 Daniel MacArthur Senior Command Captain+5 3,660.8 Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Atlanta, Georgia, USA (KATL)
WWA1698 Bill Peterson Senior Command Captain+3 2,934.9 Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Atlanta, Georgia, USA (KATL)
WWA1901 Mitch Worthington Senior Command Captain+2 2,470.4 (KSTK)
WWA1369 Tony Lyons Senior Command Captain+1 1,834.3 Nantucket Memorial Airport, Nantucket, Massachusetts, USA (KACK)
WWA3191 Jim Short Senior Command Captain+1 1,800.5 Ben Gurion International Airport, Tel Aviv, Israel (LLBG)
WWA3335 Chris Gerhardstein Command Captain 888.5 Yamagata Airport, Higashine, Yamagata, Japan (RJSC)
WWA3575 Christopher Dameron Cat I   6.0 General Edward Lawrence Logan Int'l Airport, Boston, Massachusetts, USA (KBOS)
Total Hours 19,262.2  
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