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WestWind Flight Dispatch

The WestWind Flight Dispatch System has been created for our pilots to use for reporting their virtual airline flying activity. Pilots should maintain their own "off-line" flight log, for example by using the MS Flight Simulator flight logging feature, but pilots are required to report their logged flights through the web site in order to maintain their status as active pilots.

With the Flight Dispatch System pilots "sign out" on one or more WestWind flights indicating their point of departure, destination, operation (passenger, cargo, charter, training), type of aircraft, and optionally planned departure and arrival times. These "active" flights are displayed in the roster at the bottom of this page as well as on each hub's home page. At the conclusion of the flight pilots return to this page to "sign in" with a report of their block time for the flight, comments, and other useful information which are recorded in their online flight log. Pilots may generate personal summary reports from their flight logs for any specified time period. The data from these flight logs also help the airline management to better serve our pilots. We strongly encourage you to log each of your flights for WestWind Airlines through the Flight Dispatch System!

Signing out on flight using "Fast File" links: Nearly all of the pages on our web site that list WestWind passenger, cargo, and charter flights, now have links that will take you directly to the flight sign-out form with some of the fields already filled in for you.

Pilots may also update their online flight log by entering data for a single flight instead of going through the sign-out/sign-in process. This is equivalent to the sign-out/sign-in process, but does not take advantage of the "Fast File" links throughout the web site. However, this method may be preferable to those pilots who find it inconvenient or impractical to visit the web site before and after each and every flight. Instead, we encourage those pilots to visit the site periodically to log their recent flights at one time.

Sign out on a flight

Sign in from a flight

Current Flights

Date Callsign Name Hub Purpose Flight # From To Dep Arr Aircraft ACARS
5/23/2017 WWA3120 Truman Dmith KDFW Charter-Passenger P121 KBCE KCNY TBA TBA C185 crossmark
5/23/2017 WWA2106 Patrick Conner EGLL Cargo WWC427B KSEA PANC 0052 0414 B748 crossmark
5/23/2017 WWA3120 Truman Dmith KDFW Passenger WWA1897A KDFW KOKC 0057 0149 CONI crossmark
5/23/2017 WWA3477 Vincent Simmons KMIA Passenger WWA2570A KMIA SBSV 0245 1050 B739 crossmark
5/23/2017 WWA2055 Kenneth Haynes YSSY Passenger WWA4129B PANC KORD 1133 1653 A380 crossmark
5/23/2017 WWA3538 Joel Wolk KORD Passenger WWA7198B KCLE KORD 1315 1445 MD80 crossmark
5/23/2017 WWA71 Malcolm Meyer EDDF Passenger WWA1864A KDFW KIAD 1534 1826 B737 crossmark
5/23/2017 WWA3477 Vincent Simmons KMIA Passenger WWA2570B SBSV KMIA 1545 2350 B739 crossmark
5/23/2017 WWA944 William Taylor KCVG Passenger WWA2308A KLAX KSEA 1708 1945 B738 crossmark
5/23/2017 WWA71 Malcolm Meyer EDDF Passenger WWA1864B KIAD KDFW 1926 2249 B737 crossmark
5/23/2017 WWA2106 Patrick Conner EGLL Cargo WWC427A PANC KSEA 2000 2322 B748 crossmark
5/23/2017 WWA3087 Thierry Weber KDFW Passenger WWA1950A KDFW MMCU 2359 0146 RJ1H crossmark
5/24/2017 WWA3087 Thierry Weber KDFW Passenger WWA1950B MMCU KDFW 0246 0437 RJ1H crossmark
5/24/2017 WWA1382 Dan Ward KLAX Passenger WWA8488B LIRF KMIA 0815 1955 B742 crossmark
5/26/2017 WWA3381 Mike Jones KDFW Charter-Cargo C048 VHHH KSFO TBA TBA B744 crossmark
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