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Latest News

VATSIM Requires Airline URL in Comments on Flight Plans

VATSIM has released their July 2019 audit requirements. One area, the placing of WestWind's URL in the comments section of filed flight plans, is a new or existing requirement that VATSIM has decided to enforce. To that end, All VATSIM pilots are requested to place our URL in the comments section of any flight plans filed with VATSIM.

The URL can be copied from this page at the top of your browser and pasted where needed at any time. VATSIM pilots are requested to comply with this requirement. More information can be found on the forum thread above.

(Posted 5/20/2019)

American Extends 737-MAX Grounding to August 2019

American Airlines (AA) announced and indicated today that their return to operation of the B737-MAX is being extended until August as opposed to June as was originally planned and intended. The FAA stated that the process continues but still maintains it's prohibition for the aircraft, in a letter to Civil Aviation Authorities as of March 20,2019. The reason was that the investigations of both the Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines had developed new information indicating some similarities between the two accidents. The order still remains in effect.

Seattle, Washington -- 18 April, 2019 Boeing representatives reported that the software and system modifications for the B737-8/9 MAX have been fully tested and are ready to be forwarded to the FAA for certification. As to exact time lines, FAA spokesmen told reporters that that "was an excellent question for Boeing".

Santa Ana, California -- 12 May, 2019 As an update to this on-going issue, the situation continues as Boeing; the FAA; and airlines, world-wide, are making due with their existing 737 fleet. We are continuing to monitor the situation and will report progress as it is released.

Santa Ana, California -- 23 May, 2019 The FAA, Boeing, and World Aviation Regulators are scheduled to meet in Fort Worth, Texas later next week to share information and build consensus regarding the process by which the 737-8/9 MAX aircraft will be returned to service. Intense pressure is being placed on Boeing, the FAA, and airlines as this process runs. Airline CEO's for United and American continue to express confidence in aircraft safety and feel that once the FAA certifies the aircraft for flight, that the airplane will be safe. The United CEO stated that he would be flying on the first MAX flight as a passenger once the aircraft is returned to service. The FAA still has not committed to a "time frame" for the aircraft to be returned to flight. See WestWind's forum post, linked through the title for more information on this continuing story.

(Posted 4/15/2019)

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