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American Extends 737-MAX Grounding to August 2019

American Airlines (AA) announced and indicated today that their return to operation of the B737-MAX is being extended until August as opposed to June as was originally planned and intended. The FAA stated that the process continues but still maintains it's prohibition for the aircraft, in a letter to Civil Aviation Authorities as of March 20,2019. The reason was that the investigations of both the Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines had developed new information indicating some similarities between the two accidents. The order still remains in effect.

This information is provided to inform WestWind Staff, Pilots and interested parties the latest information that we know, as of this time. We are hoping for an efficient and satisfactory solution to this issue. WestWind expects to return to the operation of the aircraft once Boeing, the FAA, and our competition decide that the aircraft is safe to operate.

Seattle, Washington -- 18 April, 2019 Boeing representatives reported that the software and system modifications for the B737-8/9 MAX have been fully tested and are ready to be forwarded to the FAA for certification. As to exact time lines, FAA spokesmen told reporters that that "was an excellent question for Boeing".

(Posted 4/15/2019)

WestWind Expresses Deep Regret at Burning of Notre Dame Cathedral

WestWind management wishes to express our deepest regrets on the tragic fire that burned Notre Dame Cathedral this afternoon and evening in the heart of Paris. Given the historical and cultural nature of the Cathedral and it's importance as a world landmark, we want to express our condolences to all who are or may be affected by this loss.

Our condolences go out to the People of France, and to all who are watching in disbelief around the world. God bless everyone in this time of despair.

17 April 2019 -- Paris, France. It appears that while the Cathedral building sustained allot of damage, the interior appears to have sustained only minor damage. The vaulted ceilings held the wood that burned above the interior of the church, thus keeping the extreme heat of the fire above the main sanctuary. This is a bit of good news.

(Posted 4/15/2019)

New Pilots Hired in Atlanta and London

Captains Midgett and Gibson have been hired in Atlanta and London as WestWind's latest group of new hires. Please take some time to welcome these new pilots to the airline, as they work themselves into hub operations at their respective hubs. Welcome to you new Captains.

(Posted 4/11/2019)

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