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Latest News

Christmas in Tahiti - 2017 is Under Way

Papeete, French Polynesia: -- 18:50Z, 12/15/2017 -- Flying Weather -- VFR -- 30% PROB rain
Note SIGMET A6 for THUNDERSTORMS moving East to the Northwest of Tahiti.
SIGMET B7 for SEVERE ICE FL170 to FL200 STATIONARY over Tahiti.

We have been enjoying VFR weather with occasional high clouds and some thunderstorm activity in the area. Temperatures are in the 80's and 90's year round and the water always seems to be turquois blue broken by occasional lighter shades in the shallows. Ken's Lagoon has dolphins near the landing are, so caution is advised during landings and taxi operations.

We look forward to seeing all our pilots in Tahiti for Christmas. This event normally starts after Thanksgiving and ends after New Years Day. Again, we invite all pilots to attend. Let us know if you want to "jump-seat" down by posting in the forum threads.

There are scenery links on the scenery page for FSX, FSX_SE, and X-PLANE. The link above is for FSX, X-PLANE is a little further down the list. The FSX version will work in FSX_SE.

(Posted 11/4/2017)

Operation Eastwind VIII, Puerto Rican Hurricane Relief Latest News

San Juan, PR 12/15/2017 18:50Z:.. To date WestWind Crews have delivered
2,284,392 Lbs of Relief Cargo, 464 Passengers, and 840 Medical Evacuees. Phase II flights have moved 184,021 Lbs of relief aid, 151 Passengers to and airlifted 73 Evacuees from the interior.

Puerto Rico FLYING OUTLOOK Today: - LIFR --.
Low ceilings in Western Puerto Rico. Smaller airstrips may not be accessible.

Phase II Pilots can jumpseat into Puerto Rico from Atlanta or Miami. Report in at the Cargo Terminal and on the Forum thread to hitch a ride down. Phase II airlift starting from TJSJ and TJBQ. All operations still remain day-light VFR only due to limited power availability. TJSJ and TJBQ nav aids are reported as 100% restored, but operations are restricted 0600L to 23:00L or (11:00Z to 04:00Z ). Pilots are advised to consult current NOTAMS for all of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands for specific details.

The situation in both Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands continues to develop at a slow pace. All other secondary airports in the interior are opan at this time. Special thanks to WestWind Captain David Hickman WWA2297 for his continued sustainment effort of WestWind's operations in Puerto Rico. His indirect support has been an assistance to this effort.

Operation EastWind VIII, Hurricane relief into the U.S. Caribbean territories is being launched to aid relief efforts in the Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. All available pilots are requested to come to the aid of Puerto Rico.

(Posted 10/20/2017)

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