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Latest News

Buenos Aires (SAEZ) Group Flight

WestWind pilots are flying an online flight to Buenos Aires on March 15th beginning at 12:30Z as the official planned launch time. The intention is to fly from our home hubs, meeting enroute and continuing on to SAEZ as a group. Flight time is roughly 11:00 hours and will be flown on VATSIM.

Members are invited to join in and participate with Captains Kusiak, Horton, Smit, and Oines on all or segments of the flight. We will be flying a loose grouping, but should be close enough to see each other visually. Members can follow along using vatspy or some other following software to monitor, as well as joining enroute if you have the time.

Come out and join in on the flight. KLAX routing: TRM..BRAWL..IPL..MXL..PPE..DEL.. NOTAL..MAM..TAM..VER..IZT..ISREN..ASI..SCO..TUC..ROS..PEDRO..SNT..SAEZ, Captain Horton is departing KDEN about an hour later. KDEN routing is KDEN..PUB..PNH..ABI.. SAT..ICEMN..CRP..MAM..TAM..VER..IZT..ISREN..ASI..SCO..TUC..ROS..SAEZ . Captain Oines will be joining for a segment, somewhere enroute. This will be a surprise. Captain Smit will be departing KLAX with me.

We will be on TeamSpeak and all pilots are welcome to join in as we wing our way southward. TeamSpeak information is on the online operations page of the main web site, and Vatspy can be found on the VATSIM web site.

(Posted 3/13/2018)

Formula I Racing Season About to Start

The Formula I racing season starts in March and our cargo charter for it, C037, has been updated for the 2018 racing season! Feel free to join in and support the premier auto racing event on the planet. Our thanks to Captain Doug Addison for the suggested changes to the cargo charter.

WestWind wishes all Formula I Teams a great season and our best wishes for a successful and victorious 2018 campaign. The charter follows the 2018 race circuit highlighting the support aspect of different racing teams in getting resources to each of the racing venues, world-wide. Come fly team support for your favorite Formula I team.

(Posted 3/4/2018)

Assistant Hub Management

As some of you may be aware, it was recently decided to eliminate the position of Assistant Hub Manager. There is a reason for this decision and I want you to be aware:

1) We have too many management positions to fully staff. The intent of this is to move the 6 current AHMs into HM or other management positions.
2) The role of HM will be changed and better defined in the short term. This will help eliminate some of the workload on the HM, and will allow him to accomplish his duties without the assistance of an AHM. The VP of Hub Operations and Chief Operations Officer will be picking up more workload. So going forward the position of COO and VP Hub Ops are not going to be stand-back and observe positions. We will be actively engaged in the operations of the hubs, and will assist the HMs as needed.
3) We are looking at a consolidated approach to some of our hubs and our hub structure. This is still a bit in the future, and you will be informed of any change well in advance of it happening.

I hope you all understand, we are not "firing" any AHMs, we have some excellent pilots serving as AHM, and my hope is they will fill some of these vacant HM positions and other management positions that may be required. As always, we welcome feedback and more information can be found on the forums.

Paul Reitman
Chief Operations Officer
WestWind Virtual Airlines

(Posted 2/26/2018)

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