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Operation Eastwind VIII, Puerto Rican Hurricane Relief Announced

Captain's McConnell and Kusiak are airlifting supplies to the U.S. Caribbean. Pena Gomez International Airport (MDSD) in Santo Domingo named as fuel bingo alternate. San Juan Airport (TJSJ) is open for airlift operations. First flight arrived on Sunday 10/22/2017 @ 1623Z.

Operation EastWind VIII, Hurricane relief into the U.S. Caribbean territories is being launched to aid relief efforts in the Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. All available pilots are requested to come to the aid of Puerto Rico.

The Operation EastWind VIII Pilot's Handbook is available through this included link, above. The situation in both Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands continues to develop at a slow pace. San Juan Airport is limited by generator power and many other secondary airports in the interior are still unknown issues at this time.

We are launching an aid effort to begin moving Food, Water, Fuel, Generators, and shelter aid as well as movement of key people into and out of the area. Our goal is to sustain an heavy airlift from Atlanta and other WestWind Hubs into San Juan, Aguadilla, the old Roosevelt Roads NAS., St Croix, and St Thomas, with a phase two operation into the interior parts of Puerto Rico. Initial movement should be sustained by heavy aircraft with phase two interior movement by smaller bush type aircraft.

This promises to be challenging to all pilots who are flying the aid. An event has been established in the flight logging system. See the Pilot's Handbook for information and details. Come out and join in the challenge. The operation is based on "real-world" events and will change based on what really happens.

(Posted 10/20/2017)

Andrew Wheeler Awarded 2016 Founder's Award

It is with great pleasure that we Award the 2016 Founder's Award to Senior Command Captain Wheeler, WWA49, VATSIM ID:812871. Captain Wheeler joined WestWind in December of 1998, assigned the old WestWind Number A3065, one of the few active "old" members who are still around.

Captain Wheeler has contributed to WestWind's Passenger and Charter efforts while racking up 8,194 Hours flown as of this writing. He has amassed 2,108,187 Nautical Miles flown with 207,363 Passengers and 11,184,283 pounds of Cargo in 1,913 total flights.

Some of Andrew's accomplishments include joining WestWind in December of 1998. He completed the Sydney Hub Slam as well as completing the U.N World Tour in November of 2009. He continues to be active online as both a Pilot and Controller. Andrew was awarded his Hub Manager's Award in July of 2015.

Andrew's dedication and commitment to the hobby are demonstrated in the above accomplishments and statistics. He also provides expertize to the airline as an active pilot and forum participant. Andrew's contributions in his "Charter" activities are among the highest of any member, while flying an average of 50 hours per month. His longevity exemplifies the founding principles of WestWind. These principles reflect well on him and the airline.

(Posted 10/15/2017)

Ron Oines Awarded 2016 Founders Award

It's with great pleasure that we award the 2016 WestWind Founders Award to Senior Command Captain Ron Oines, WWA2894, VATSIM ID:810755.

Ron has been active in Virtual Flight since the Summer of 2001, flying for many virtual airlines including Livewire Virtual, Polar Air Cargo Virtual, Southwest Virtual Airline, and many others before coming to WestWind in the Summer of 2011. Ron's experience in virtual flight has taken him around the world. Ron has amassed 3,500,000 Nautical Miles in the air.

Ron's On-line total of Hours Flown for all airlines is 29,250 hours with 10,520 of that with Westwind. Ron's tenure in the hobby provides our airline with invaluable expertize and insight. He has amassed more flying hours with WestWind then any other airline to this point.

Ron continues to fly in excess of 100 hours a month still today as he continues to build on his extensive numbers. Ron's WestWind totals over the last six years are very impressive. He has flown 2,837 flights amassing 9,594 hours carrying 418,205 Passengers and 36,602,816 pounds of cargo.

Ron's dedication and drive are an inspiration to all. His actions reflect well on the founding principles and objectives of WestWind. There is no better representation of what a Founder's Candidate is. Congratulations on your award Ron

(Posted 10/13/2017)

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